Almighty – Ch. 491

Vitality Divine Tree

The verdant and towering tree in the lake was called a vitality divine tree. Revered for its infinite lifespan, cultivation enhancing property and the divine droplets it produced, it was one of the ten greatest treasures in the world of cultivation.

Because the tree’s realm was restricted, it was inferior to an Almighty Realm Peak cultivator. Therefore, Ancient Sacred Grounds intended to take it. If Ancient Sacred Grounds took the tree out, Yang Tian would inform the entire mountain range to make them public enemy.

The tree’s branches pierced the void to contain the vital essence around. First Elder commanded his allies into stealing it regardless. Ancient Sacred Grounds powered a celestial feather together, setting up a celestial flame.

Sparks flew when a green branch smacked a Chaos Light ray. Chaos Seal failed to even damage the branch. In contrast, the branch sent the seal reeling. Unfortunately, the branch feared vermillion celestial flames and had its powers restricted. It evaded the celestial flames. The flames, therefore, went for the tree itself. The lake teleported elsewhere, resulting in the flames missing.

Since the area was only over three square kilometres, the vitality divine tree wouldn’t be able to break out anytime soon. Locking down the surroundings with formations would grant them enough time to damage it.

The elder went to the feather and offered it his vital essence. “Hmph, give it all you’ve got and defend the formation’s openings!”

A vermillion bird with a purple forehead manifested, lapping the sky in red. The vermillion bird fired celestial flames at the tree. The tree outmanoeuvred the flames. First elder snickered. The formations couldn’t hinder the tree; however, local creatures’ attack formations were weak due to divine intervention.

The vermillion bird flapped its wings, summoning two celestial flame tornadoes that covered the entire space. The tree fired golden beams back at the flames; any damage it suffered would take ages to heal from. The celestial flame tornadoes were epic.

Everyone was too tense to notice Yang Tian’s presence.

An hour later, it became difficult to keep up the pace owing to the absence of vital essence.

First Elder declared, “You can take any of the herbs to use. The hundred precious herbs here are enough for us to capture the tree!”

The tree disregarded its damage and generated tornadoes to snatch up the herbs before its foes could. It suffered heavy damage in exchange for ten herbs. As it didn’t show any signs of stopping, First Elder urged, “Hurry!”

A large hand appeared to crush the weakened formation and steal the herbs.

To recover from its wounds after taking half of the herbs, the tree absorbed the divine water in the lake. If they let the fight drag out, they’d eventually gas out.

First Elder: “Elders, consume the herbs, and attack the tree with everything you have!”

Ancient Sacred Grounds’ forces ascended realms one after another after consuming the herbs. Things as ridiculous as elders growing black hair again happened, too. Subsequently, they imbued the celestial feather with their new blood and essence liberally. The celestial feather was powerful, but the vermillion bird was in its own league. The celestial flames the bird unleashed left chasms in the void similarly to a warzone from the ancient era. The barrier began to wobble as a result of the barrage.

To intervene, Yang Tian wrapped his divine soul energy in a divine item and communicated timidly. “Elder, can I help you by any chance?”

Vitality Divine Tree: “Are you a Dao disciple? How do you know Dao Sutra?”

The tree sensed Yang Tian a while ago but didn’t attack him due to his Dao Sutra.

“Elder, I am not a Dao disciple. I merely obtained Dao Sutra by coincidence.”

“Your cultivation is too weak to help me.”

The tree never imagined it would be confronted right at its doorstep. Yang Tian had no argument. If he revealed himself, he’d be burnt inside.

Vitality Divine Tree: “If you can put a crack in the formation, I might be able to escape.”

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