Almighty – Ch. 442

Xiaobai Transforms

Almost a month went by. The spiritual herbs and vital essence grew. Yang Tian’s body still boomed, flashed and drove everything wild. Three Dao Physiques had almost healed but were still weak due to Source damage. His other two viscera were still foggy, albeit with golden lightning bolts flashing.

Yuan Xia no longer wore her face veil. Eyes on Yang Tian, she sighed softly. “I wonder if this is the tribulation Weapon Spirit Elder mentioned…”  Yuan Xia stood for a while longer before leaving.

Yun’er spent the last three days cultivating, thereby awaking her energy’s second phase.

Ancestral Dragon Ring was rather desolate and quiet with Yang Tian out of commission and Yang Xiao not around.

Two streams of vital essence next to the white pool roiled. Xiaobai glowed. His wings had started to grow. He had been asleep for three months. He was close to developing his human form.

Xiaoqing glowed, too. Golden lightning shot up from him. The patterns on his golden wings were more and more profound. He also grew golden feathers.

Another month went by, and every day was a repeat of the previous day. Yuan Xia’s fascination with Yang Tian’s cultivation method grew.

One day, the valley quaked and crumbled as though the world was coming to an end. Yuan Xia went out to check. She formed an energy barricade around the precious herbs. She found Yun’er’s complete awakening caused the turbulence when her new energy infused with divine attributes swept through the valley; that was even with something suppressing her energy. Yuan Xia’s speculation Yun’er was a divine body owner, therefore, was confirmed.

Lips pursed, Yuan Xia speared her pentachrome energy from her finger to the sky, then spread it out to bring the quaking under control. Seeing the raining mist destroying caves and everything it came into contact to, she could say with certainty Yun’er possessed a Nine Yin Divine Body. She glanced to the safe immortal’s cave and, in a melancholic tone, sighed. “How lucky…A heavenly tribulation is likely to come now that divine bodies have surfaced one after another including one of the best.”

Yun’er’s energy imploded the cave she was in, and she levitated up. Her aura resonated with the sky and Earth. Nine streams of grey mist ejected from her body. Each stream resonated with divine sounds. The mist shrouded the sky and Earth, shook the valley, rippled the air, churned intensively and emitted pressure then returned to her body in an instant. The phenomena receded, and peace was restored. She opened her eyes and pouted because her Inheritance suppressed her energy already.

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