Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 11.5 Ch. 71

Chapter 71

Miguo loosened his fist, then turned to face Hua Qing calmly because he was expecting someone to try and sabotage his coronation. “Greetings. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the rapist behind the eighteen atrocious cases last year,” he informed in a voice that would’ve had people assuming they were friends if it weren’t for the contents.

Whether it was orthodox sects or unorthodox sects, both despised rapists. In prisons, rapists were treated worse than arsonists, murders, swindlers and arsonists. If bandits were to come across one, they’d bash them even harder than they’d bash orthodox sect members. Therefore, it was no surprise the crowd got rowdy.

Hua Qing brushed it all off with a smile, then saluted Miguo. “Too kind.”

Miguo discerned Hua Qing had improved physically and mentally from his qinggong performance and composure, but he couldn’t tell to what extent. “This one has been searching for you for some time. Could you enlighten him as to why you chose to show up today?”

Hua Qing: Miss Su was right.

Su Li told Hua Qing, “Miguo kept his head on straight even when things that could ruin his plans were introduced. When running into a strong foe or his allies in the unorthodox factions, he didn’t work with them. He likes to say fluffy things for the sake of appearances, which indicates that he works in a roundabout way. If you want to force him to play in your field, that’s where you start.”

Nobody would argue with Miguo if he splattered someone’s skull in a fit of anger. Howbeit, in order to control Lotus Cult, he had to put on airs as a virtuous monk in the public eye. As such, Hua Qing had overcome one obstacle if he could avoid getting physical as soon as they came face to face. By no means, though, did they assume Miguo wouldn’t make an attempt on his life later.

Hua Qing laughed over the crowd, leading to people thinking that the rumours about him weren’t unfounded. After all, to commit eighteen rape cases and escape Liu Shan Men was no simple task.

“If an old friend doesn’t come to give his blessings, wouldn’t your coronation be boring?” Hua Qing rhetorically asked in a loud voice.

The corner of Miguo’s mouth twitched. “Old friend… Yes, old friend. Did you bring a gift?” Of course, he was referring to none other than the sarira.

“That will depend on if you’re friendly enough.” Hua Qing raised his volume a notch. “Ladies and gentlemen, do you know why Lord Miguo came to the Central Plain?”

Miguo silently prepared energy to end Hua Qing if the latter ever mentioned anything not in his favour.

Hua Qing answered his own question. “To build a new Lotus Cult. Combining the merits of the Western Regions with the Central Plain’s martial arts community is not only a meritorious deed but also a noble one.”

Miguo: “Hmm?”

“I am honoured to be part of this great event. I heard you mention anyone is welcome to join, so I wish to confirm if that is true. For example, are officials, those against the government and those not welcome in society welcome?”

Miguo couldn’t figure out where Hua Qing was going with it.

At present, the majority of Miguo Branch’s thousand-plus members were primarily comprised of villains and criminals. Government officials numbered as little as five who wouldn’t even have any place talking. Orthodox sects didn’t like involving themselves with the government, let alone unorthodox sects. If there were people welcome in society present, they wouldn’t need to be committing acts of robbery.

“This one’s doors are open for the sake of building the cult. You are overthinking.”

“Glad to hear that.” Hua Qing brightly offered up a salute. “I shall be the first to join the new cult, becoming its senior disciple.”

“So you wished to join.” Miguo sounded affable, but his gaze had sharpened. He assumed Hua Qing’s plan was to join the sect so that he couldn’t kill the latter. “Haha, Buddha is benevolent; salvation is for everyone. How can this one turn away someone who has realised his wrongs and wishes to turn over a new leaf? Henceforth, you are our new culct’s senior disciple. Grow alongside this one.”

Hua Qing clapped. “Great. Great. Thank you for not being prejudice. There are more people who wish to join.” He turned around and shouted, “Hero Zhuo, Miss Su, we are all welcome to join.”

As Hua Qing did, Zhu Fengru zoomed through the forest and ascended to the platform, carrying Su Li along.

“Surname is Zhuo, qinggong is advanced… Zhuo Fengru?”

“Why’s he here, too? To fight for leadership?”

Miguo locked his gaze on Su Li.

“Monk, stop staring. I’m signing up, so I need to see the leader, don’t I?” Hua Qing queried.

Miguo furrowed his brows. “What was that?”

“Since I have joined up, I am part of the family. Shouldn’t I pay my respects to our leader?”

Miguo glared at Hua Qing. “Did you not know I am the leader?”

Hua Qing recoiled as though he was clueless. “Why? We have more than a thousand people here. How did you become leader? Who approved?”

It finally dawned on Miguo that he had fallen for Hua Qing’s ploy, but it was too late.

“Seeing as the cult is new, everything should be new. You want new blood. Is the leader not human? Why can’t someone else be its leader?” Hua Qing made eye contact with Zhuo Fengru, then announced, “As senior disciple of New Lotus Cult, I shall enthrone myself because you’re an eyesore.”


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