Stepmom-con – Ch. 87

Chapter 87

A few days passed by and we finally made our way to Guiji. I don’t know why a town would be named Guiji. It meant something bad in a language that wasn’t english. I don’t think they have that language in this world.

We separated at the entrance of town and the other girls, princesses and those who weren’t as close to Erisu went their own way. They said they had some business to attend too, and I was glad for that because it meant I could spend time without eyes watching me from behind.

Justin was waiting in an inn near by and we met up with him. From the outside the inn looked like a place where only the wealthy could stay. Large yard, grape vines, multiple servants with good dress walking around.

With three of the wives with him he greeted us at the door of the inn.

Justin:”Welcome to your mom’s inn!”

Roy:”My mom Xeneva?”

Justin:”Yep! You wouldn’t be able to guess how many inns your mom owns. Anyway you’ve brought your future brides!”

Erisu:”Greetings to you Justin-san.”

Justin:”You still use the honorific with me?”

Erisu:”Only because you’re asian.”

Justin laughed at it.

Chrissy:”It’s nice to see you again heroine. You’ve really grown up since we picked you up in the forest.”

Erisu:”Yes I have, and you… all three of you are pregnant. Can we feel?”


My three fiances went up to Justin’s three wives and started feeling their bellies for the child that was developing. I would normally think it’s a nice moment but the fact that he has three wives and I have three fiances.

Roy:”I don’t think we ever thought there would be a day like this did we?”

Justin:”Nope, not at all. Anyway we’re on our way to the Empire as well. Let’s have a good dinner and leave tomorrow. It’s good to catch up after we’ve been away from each other for about a year now.”

We sat down and began to eat, talk and and catch up. Justin was acclimating well to this world despite there being no video or fighting games. He didn’t seem to mind now that he had something to do almost every night of the week and he was going to be a father soon. Justin struck me as the man who was very happy.

Justin:”I just can’t wait to see my kids man, I just can’t wait. I can even feel the babies kicking when I put my face to their bellies.”

Roy:”You’re really that excited.”

Justin:”I am man! I never thought I would have the chance to have kids in my previous life. I was just some guy at the arcade schooling everyone, then I went to the tournament in Vegas and around the world. Don’t get me wrong, I made the money but I had to spend so much time playing the games that I didn’t have time to meet anyone for a relationship.”

Roy:”Well, they say relationships take time but you got into five of them almost instantly when you came here.”

Justin:”I was lucky, that’s all there is to it.”

Justin had a proud smile. We went to bed that night and decided to continue the conversation later. We were going to have a lot of time to talk the next morning. I had to sleep in a separate room from the three fiances, and Justin couldn’t do it with the girls so we took a two bed room and slept in the same area talking.

Justin was bragging all night about how he was able to pleasure his wives.

I was getting sick of it but at the same time I was also happy for him. I couldn’t wait for the day that I would be with the three beautiful girls. Also my moms… well I mean… they’re beautiful as well… really beautiful.

Alright, I can’t admit to others I want to do it with my moms because they’re not blood related. I can however admit that I want them to myself. As long as everything works out, I won’t have to face the humiliation of the public or anything like that.

Justin was in bed and talking about his first night with the three girls.

Justin:”Yeah man, I kept going into Chrissy and pumping her up and she was having trouble breathing. She kept telling me how I’m the best she had before Arwen then came up and…”

Roy:”Please just spare me man. So you came to this world and lost your virginity in the first week. I’ve been here nineteen years and I’m still a virgin.”

I even wear a band of impotency to make sure that I don’t do anything I would regret.

Justin:”Come on man, let me brag. If all the other guys were around I would be rubbing it in their faces!”

Roy:”You mean the other guys who are married and have their kids that you beat because you have more time to practice?”

Justin:”Alright alright… I’ll stop… man… shouldn’t we be uplifting each other as bros instead of making fun of each other like this?”

Roy:”You’re the one making fun of me you know. You’re making fun of me for not doing anything.”

Justin:”Bro… your moms are available.”

Roy:”Shut up man! You can’t do your moms.”

Well, I can but I don’t want others to know about it.

Justin:”They’re not blood-related bro! They’re not blood-related!”

Roy:”Did you drink too much wine at dinner?”

Justin:”No man, it’s just Liss and Riss tell me about how much Xeneva wants you and how you should be more willing to give in.”

So I guess they haven’t told him that I had already given in. It’s good this way because I don’t want to be given dirty looks whenever I’m seen with my moms. I’ll eventually have to live with it and there isn’t a thing I can do about it when everyone close to me finds out.

Roy:”Look man, it’s going to be traveling tomorrow. We should probably rest.”

Justin:”Oh come on man, we can sleep on the way. When we’re in the carriage there’s not much to do anyway. We’re going in a comfortable ride because of my pregnant wives.”

Roy:”Alright man. Alright.”

Justin:”Oh, there was one other thing I wanted to tell you about.”


Justin:”Every Kingdom here except for the empire has Eunuchs.”


Eunuchs according to history were men… everyone knows what they are. Some of them had the entire thing cut off and some of them just the testicles. It’s still horrific either way.

Justin:”Yeah, it seems they consider it one of the highest forms of civilization because it allows those who work in the palace to be around women without fear of them defiling them. The nobles in this kingdom are something else, but I thought something was interesting.”

Roy:”What is?”

Justin:”See this armband I have? I was given this armband by the empress.”

Justin rolled up his sleeve and showed me a band that looked just like mine. I thought I was the only one who had it to help control my desires.

Justin:”This arm band helps me keep it in check but the side effects are that once you take it off you receive a rush where you have to get rid of it. You feel like going wild at the sight of a pretty girl.”

That explains why Alondra was so alluring that night when she took it off.

Roy:”So why is it only the Rose Empire has this?”

Justin:”It’s because the Valkyries are horny a lot. Having Eunuchs there means they lose a valuable resources for calming them down.”

Roy:”Calming them down?”

Justin:”You’ve seen how they look right? They’re more fit than those social media models and they have a sex drive that’s more than any women in the previous world. It’s probably because they physically train intensively became aggressive that way.”

There was a female MMA fighter I remember who has lots of sex before she fought. Said it helped calm her down and allowed her to fight better. Part of it was said to be beneficial to her physique. Fighters do whatever they could to gain an edge so it wasn’t a surprise the Valkyries would do that.

Justin:”This armband is different though because I’m able to remove it. The ones the guards wear in the palace are worn when they enter and can only be taken off by the Valkyries. It’s so that they don’t get any ideas if there are any vulnerable women there, but the Valkyries take those guards to their rooms to have their way with them. It got so bad to a point where they had to hire more guards just to satisfy the Valkyries.”

I could imagine that.

Justin:”Only the Empress doesn’t take part in it.”

Roy:”That makes no sense when the Valkyries are going all out.”

Justin:”Riss told me it’s because the Empress has no interest in men at all, but I’m not sure what exactly she does. She’s the Empire’s Greatest Warrior.”

I took out my armband to show him as well which Justin was a bit surprised. It was visible in the dark as long as there was moonlight coming through the window.

Roy:”I’ve got one as well.”

Justin now smiled.

Justin:”Oh I know why, it’s because you’re way too attracted to your moms isn’t it? I mean you don’t even see Erisu often but you’re wearing one right?”


Justin laughed.

Justin:”Your sisters told me you wore won so it’s not a secret from family. The armbands are a secret to everyone else though, even the ones worn by the Empress. Telling others is grounds for death for the guards there.”

I don’t know where this conversation is going and I’m tired of it.

Roy:”I’m going to sleep. Good night.”

Justin:”Night bro.”


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