Stepmom-con – Ch. 72

Chapter 72

If only the two of them didn’t come, or if the Demon Lord hadn’t delayed his invasion!  The Lich was angry, and also didn’t understand why the invasion was delayed. He only knew it when he was given a sign and so he delayed returning to the surface.

Sperra:”Lich! I’m going to kill you!”

The monsters continued to distract Sperra and he flooded in hundreds of them at the same time. Among one of the undead was a poisoned dagger. There was a plan in place and he was getting ready to strike.

Sperra’s movements were erratic and none of the undead could harm her as she smashed her way through. She had remained in her heightened and frantic state for hours now and it appeared to take a toll as her breathing became heavier. The undead were continually ripped apart as the Lich stood there watching.

The agent he was using to deliver the poison dagger was a child. He had used shadow attributes on that child to allow it to sneak around as its small size meant it wouldn’t be able to fight well in actual battle due to the smaller reach. The child moved among the undead and gradually came from behind.

The Beast woman had keen senses, but the multitude of undead bodies meant she couldn’t smell the rot of the child’s corpse. The cannon fodder was used up bit by bit and the Lich then brought out more of his heavy hitters.

The ancient civilization had several large mummies that had been preserved. They were three meters tall with extremely long reach and made the tall beast woman look like a child.

The mummies came out lurching and groaning with nothing but dust coming from their throats. Sperra wasn’t affected by their size nor their movement. The bandages that came out were shredded by the claws from her fingers. She dashed forward and began shredding them as much as possible but the bandages reattached putting them together.

Lich:”The mummies will last longer but they still can’t take a continuous beating.”

The child came from behind as Sperra knocked down a mummy and slashed at it constantly.

Sperra:”All you are is just a big slow piece of cloth! Weak!”

The child came forward with the dagger, it lurched forward. Poison was on the tip. Using all of it’s energy it sprung towards Sperra like rocket and the dagger was in the front. there would be more than enough force to pierce through an armored soldier.


The map was strange as I watched. Almost all the undead were moving towards Sperra. Mom would be fine right? I mean, she’s a very strong and nearly invincible beast woman. They have a very strong constitution.

The Lich can’t kill her can it?

I see mom’s dot stop for a moment. The undead moving toward her stop as well. Does this mean mom was injured? I didn’t have eyes there and all I could see was the location. No, this better not mean mom was injured!

The Lich however was still in the same place. I had to kill the Lich. There weren’t any other undead near me since they were all moving towards mom so I had a soldier ride me towards the destination. It was only a few miles away.

Eventually I reached the chamber and used the light magic users to disable the lock. The chamber itself was cold and dark, and the Lich was floating in front of me.

Lich:”You! How did you get here! This is a secret chamber!”

Roy:”I had my ways. If you hurt my mom I’m going to make sure you’re dead.”

I summon every soldier I can that can fight in the underground and bring them to the forefront. The Lich stood there appearing as though he is dazed.

Unexpectedly he began to laugh.

Lich:”Hahahahahaha! You… both of you… you’re both monsters! Hahahaha! I never stood a chance did I?”

Roy:”What are you talking about?”

Lich:”Not only your so called beast woman of a mother who isn’t biologically related, but you also as a summoner… either one of you could kill me… does your mother not know of your abilities? Hahaha… or is she pretending not to know in order to trick me? Hahahaha!”

Roy:”I’ve had enough.”

I didn’t want to drag it out and I ordered the light magic users to a cleansing light attack to purify and kill the Lich. He wasn’t a candidate for a heroic spirit because he wasn’t alive. Only living males could be heroes of my army.

There was also a temporary and a permanent contract, which I would probably have think about later since I’m not really interested in controlling people who can think for themselves.

Lich:”Enough? Hahaha! The Demon Lord will have many more demons and summoners himself! They’ll make your puny soldiers useless! HAHAHA!”

The light purified the Lich and it was gone. The dots around the map where the undead surrounded mom also vanished. I guess this fixes that. Overall this whole thing was kind of stupid. I mean… I don’t know if I want to continue this kind of hunting anymore.

I’d rather have my soldiers attack from far away so I wouldn’t be a target. If there was an enemy as strong as Sperra then I wouldn’t be able to defend myself if I as targeted.

I hope mom is okay. The map shows she is alive so all I can do is keep moving in that direction.

Sperra had been stabbed by a small undead child. She had been fighting, and during the fighting she had hardened her skin to a point where her blows wouldn’t be able to injure her. It was the strength of the beast men, and her own natural strength as well.

The dagger that had stabbed her broke, and if the dagger had been stronger or coated in magic piercing magic than the poison she sensed would have killed her. None of that mattered now since the the Lich’s undead had all fallen apart.

Sperra:”Then Roy shouldn’t be in danger anymore unless he was already dead, but how could the Lich give up control of his soldiers.”

Sperra then got up and began to sniff the air and found there was a familiar scent coming her way.


She moved toward it quickly. Was it him? Was he alive? Or was he a corpse now? If he was a corpse now… Sperra didn’t want to think about that possibility as she went quickly.

In the dark she finally saw him walking along. It was Roy, and he was alive.

Sperra:”Roy! It’s safe! Mommy is here!”


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