Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 23

Chapter 23

I had no idea why I fell asleep so quickly last night but when I woke up mom hadn’t left for the guild yet. She was downstairs having breakfast and I noticed Edna was gone.

Roy: “Good morning mom.”

Dhalia: “Morning Darling, come eat breakfast with mom.”

The food was much better this morning. The spices were more even throughout the dish and there was a much better consistency. The food from the previous days were decent but today they were much better. I scarfed it down quicker because of the taste, the taste was so much better!

Dhalia: “Do you love the cooking today?”

Roy: “I’m sorry mom, it’s just much better today than it had been previously.”

Dhalia’s eyes changed as she looked over the the older maid of whom I don’t know the name of.

Roy: “Mom, where is Edna?”

Dhalia: “She returned to adventuring.”

Perhaps the visit from her two friends last night made her want to return. I mean, I get it. Who’d want to stay cooped up in an mansion like this if you could go out into the wilds. I want to go out so badly I’m having a hard time waiting for the soldiers to come back because then I can at least explore the out doors.

Stupid wolf, killing all of them. It’s only been two days but well… I mean I guess it hasn’t been that bad since I have money to spend and things to do while I’m here. Still, I feel uneasy when my moms are babying me so much. At least in the village I could go out and do work, but here I’m spending Xeneva’s money if I want to go out and have fun.

I mean… this isn’t what I want to do.

It’s nice to have mothers who want to spoil me, but it’s a little weird they want to take a bath with me. This must have been how Troy felt… not Troy 3.0 but the Troy that was in the original story.  I don’t get how he ended up thinking it was alright doing it with his real mom.

Dong Chen was more than fine with it too… though he might have thought it was weird but I was raised by Xeneva and once I do something like that the relationship is going to change drastically.  Having it happen to me in reality is different. I’m sure a lot of people would say something like ‘hey if I was you I’d just take my mom’s money and skirt chase, why not?’

It’s not that easy if you have a conscience. Also, even though Xeneva and Dhalia are treating me so nicely right now I don’t know the limits of it. How far are they really willing to go for me? What’s their bottom line? Xeneva was insanely powerful and if I go too far, are they going to punish me in some way?

This is all so messed up. I don’t even know my place here because I haven’t been assigned to do anything except to sit down and have fun while other people take care of the world.

Dhalia: “Darling? Is there something wrong? You’re just standing there looking blankly.”

Dhalia warped over to my side and I felt her arms around me. Instantly she put her forehead to mine.

Dhalia: “You don’t seem to have a fever and you’re not sick. What’s wrong Darling?”

Roy: “Mom, what’s my purpose?”

Dhalia: “Your purpose is to be my son, our son. There is more than one woman who is your mom and you have to remember that.”

Roy: “Then what’s my purpose as the son of all of you? Is there something you need me to do in life? Something I should accomplish?”

Dhalia kissed my cheek then floated back to her own chair smiling.

Dhalia: “There is nothing you need to do darling except keep yourself safe. However if you find that there is something you want to do then go ahead and try it as long as you don’t put yourself in danger. Your father was a type of scholar after all, many of his suggestions and knowledge helped our world improve to make people happier. Perhaps you can do something like that?”

Perhaps I can do something like that? I don’t even know how this world works and it seems like most of the improvements that could be made by an average person without advanced studying knowledge was already done by dad. Only way to advance was to start producing electricity or microchips and I don’t have knowledge like that.


Dad… you took everything I could do to be impressive… but… thank goodness I have that army.

Roy: “Then mom, can I just stay home and do nothing then?”

Dhalia: “If that makes you happy then sure, but I would encourage you to go out once in a while. Being by yourself isn’t always healthy, besides shouldn’t you be searching for someone to have children with? I’d like to have grand children you know?”

Roy: “Grand?!? Children?”

Dhalia chuckled softly.

Dhalia: “If there is any girl you like you can ask mommy to investigate for you. I think Xeneva already said you don’t like girls who have slept around a lot so an adventurer is probably not for you. We’ll start looking at noble girls, there are noble women from the Rose Empire and a few kingdoms nearby. Or if you see a girl you like on the street just tell me and I’ll find out what they’re like from their family. We’ll find you someone good Darling.”

Roy: “Wouldn’t they refuse?”

Dhalia now burst out laughing.

Dhalia: “Darling, I’m the Guild Master of the Adventurer’s guild that spans all over the continent. Xeneva is the Merchant Guild Master and owner of the largest company on the continent. Not to mention your other mothers just your identity alone would have women all over the continent begging to become your bride. You just need to find one you like.”

Dhalia winked.

Roy: “Just find one I like?”

Dhalia: “Yes… maybe two or three would work too. If you like a married woman I’m sure we can give the husband enough gold to divorce her. If they refuse however, mommy won’t push them for you. I don’t think any of us would approve of forcing, but your status is enough already.”

What if… what if I like you mom? I mean… I’m not blood related even though you gave birth to me… doesn’t that count for something?

Wait, she said I can even get a married woman? What the heck? I thought I was a poor boy with a mysterious mom in a small village but now… all this?

Dhalia: “Well, I mean you do have some sisters from Xeneva but they’re quite a bit older than you… I suppose one or two of them… no I doubt it. They probably wouldn’t compete with Xeneva for you.”

I suppose so. Compete with Xeneva for me?

Roy: “I don’t think going with one of my siblings is a good idea even if I wasn’t blood related to them, family and romance should be separate right?”

Dhalia heard me and there seemed to be a tinge of disappointment in her gaze but it vanished quickly. I guess she really hoped I could be with one of my ‘sisters.’ It makes sense I guess, because putting me with someone already known would mean there is less of a chance for me to get hurt in some horrible relationship.

Dhalia: “Well I hope you keep an open mind in case someone in your family does want to become your wife.”

Dhalia smiled then she took off to go to the Guild. I was once again alone and by myself. I’m going to continue reading books and looking at the maps and try to plan a course out for the soldiers.

I’ll just go to the guild from time to time to look for jobs adventurers find beneath them and since I don’t have to make money I can build my army that way. That works for me since I’m not forced to go out.


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