Almighty – Ch. 392

Li Qingxue and Yang Tian

Primordial era’s Li Clan was a monstrous clan with hundreds of clans under their banner! They had it all, from Autarch Realm adepts to rare land. An adept in the clan passed down an exalted Bloodline tens of thousands of years ago. Their clan was still home to plenty of prodigies, evident from their elders in seclusion and branch members being Almighty Realm adepts.

Li Clan held onto a sense of superiority over Yang Tian, considering him a loach. However, they disliked the progress Yang Tian exhibited ever since he began his killing spree on their junior members, starting from him surpassing Li Xuan in mere months and snatching the transcendence pill after zapping Li Xuan to death.

The Yang brothers, possessing Celestial Weapons Li Clan they wanted, also massacred a Battle Emperor Realm adept at the forest, though that was hidden from the public. Yang Tian, in total, killed five Battle Emperors and three Almighty adepts. They suffered major losses and became the laughing stock of the world. Nevertheless, Li Clan finally had a hostage and had his guillotine set up.

The area was dozens of square metres wide. Big names on Eastern Continent were on either side. There were over a thousand people in attendance, all of whom sat in silence; there were more adepts in attendance compared to Alchemy Convention. More spectators were in the distance, as they didn’t dare to approach for the oppressive atmosphere was intimidating. Li Clan’s young and talented disciples were lined up around the arena.

Ten elders shrouded in mist sat cross-legged at the top of gold jade platform up front. Two elders resembled visitors from hell due to their contrasting pale skin and black robes. Li Clan’s elders next to the duo were very courteous toward them.

The injuries Li Cheng received in his duel with the golden divine lion led to his illness.

Li Qingxue donned her usual white robe and stood below Li Cheng. Next to her was a twenty-two year old handsome and refined young man in white standing with his hands behind his back, a gentle smile on his face with a tinge of pride and contained aura. A young man stood in front. He wore a black robe and had his eyes shut. His aura was ice cold.

A girl in was surrounded by bodyguards, highlighting her importance. Her spiritual aura didn’t match her ordinary appearance. She kept looking around, wondering if Yang Tian would come. To be fair, she wasn’t the only one asking the same question. Well, they would win handsome prices without doing a thing.

“She looks darn good…” said Chubby, scratching his head while ogling the proud girl on the platform.

“She seems to have ascended; however, it’s clear her ascent was recent, since her aura isn’t stable,” Xiaoji commented.

“I wonder if Yang Tian has broken through to Battle King Realm. He’s in trouble, otherwise.”

Dressed in black, Yang Tian’s rhythmic and echoing footsteps broke the silence when the sunrays shone onto the ring.

The young man in black unleashed a mass of killing intent. Without even having done a single thing, the elders were impressed with Yang Tian’s profound aura.

Li Qingxue was the only one who lost her composure slightly when she noticed his emotionless look. There was no friendship left to speak of, only a thirst for blood.

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