Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 19

Chapter 19

I made sure to bathe before Dhalia came home so I would have an excuse not to get into the bath with her. I had to protect myself after all.

Dhalia: “Roy, I heard you found a way to dismiss your friends. You convinced them to quit and you gave them half of your weekly allowance that Xeneva gave you? Why would you do that?”

Roy: “I don’t want them going around with me and ogling every woman in sight. You’re supposed to be my mom and they ogle you too you know?”

Dhalia had a teasing smile on her face as she looked at me.

Dhalia: “Does that make you upset that they look at me like that?”

I took a deep breath. There was a lot of complicated emotions that go into something like this. If you have a beautiful mom and your friends want to bang her, the obvious truth of the matter is you don’t want them touching your mom. You don’t want your friend becoming your stepfather.

Granted, Dhalia isn’t blood related but she still gave birth to me which means there is definitely an unshakeable connection between the two of us. I don’t want her dating or marrying someone I can’t respect as a father figure no matter who it might be.

Roy: “It’s just that if you’re my mom I don’t feel either one of them is good enough for you. If mom is going to get married then she needs someone good enough for her.”

Dhalia blushed and smiled greatly before instantly appearing next to me and kissing me.

Dhalia: “Oh Roy! My Darling, do you know how happy that makes me to hear? Mommy always wanted a son who felt she deserved the best.”

She snuggled me close as I tried to eat dinner. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep talking to her. There was a certain familiarity I had with her because she had given birth to me but I wasn’t sure why that was.

Dinner was soon finished.

Dhalia: “I’m going to bathe now so come with me Roy.”

Roy: “I already bathed myself mom.”

I wanted to be upfront about this. She was my mom and she was highly attractive and I didn’t want any accidents to occur. It’s embarrassing showing yourself and seeing someone naked whom you are not supposed to be with. This wasn’t the medical field.

Dhalia pouts but goes to bathe then after a few minutes finds me in my bedroom as I’m trying to sleep without her.

Dhalia: “I know you’re not asleep Darling, but the way you’re trying to avoid me and all the mushy stuff is cute. I’m going to assign adventurers for you tomorrow.”

Roy: “Mom, make sure they’re not permanent escorts. I don’t need permanent escorts when I still have your amulet.”

Dhalia looked at me for a moment and her eyes glowed in the dark. Softly they stared into mine.

Dhalia: “Very well then. I’ll assign Chrissy and Arwen to you tomorrow to show you around the city and what places are safe as well as what to avoid. After that you mustn’t leave the city without permission alright?”

Roy: “Mom, why are you so over protective.”

Dhalia hugged me while laying in bed. I felt her arms pull me into her tight and I wasn’t able to do anything against her. That was how strong she was. I didn’t quite understand it to be honest. I don’t get why I’m so weak.

Dhalia: “Xeneva told me you ran into the forest and almost got killed by a wolf. Darling, I’m just worried that might happen again.”

Roy: “Do you sleep with women too mom? Do you go around doing that at night?”

Dhalia: “Of course not, but the fact is Xeneva wasn’t aware you were the type who hates seeing your mom do something like that. What if there are other triggers?”

The trigger was the fact I was still a virgin while Xeneva who is supposed to be my mom teased me over and over while doing it with the girls in the town. It was something that made me upset because I was not able to participate and everyone was doing something with me left out. Everyone in the village.

It’s probably true here too… I mean should I just have Edna come and do it with me? I could solve that problem right away but what would that make Edna towards me after? Would I be able to look her in the face? Maybe this is previous world value thinking and I should just do it…

Dhalia: “Okay, I understand Darling. Mommy will put more trust in you, but at least let yourself be shown around the city tomorrow before you go and do things on your own.”

Roy: “Fine mom.”

Dhalia smiled and we slept together again. Mom didn’t try to make me drink milk this time which was appreciated, but that means I’d have to do that at least two more times? Well… that’s only if my other moms have some weird complex as well.

Besides that though, this world isn’t so bad. Four moms and two of them are already so powerful and influential with one of them giving me lots and lots of money.

The morning sun rose over the east and Dhalia got up. As a vampire she would normally prefer to be up at night but the majority of the other races operated during the day. Looking at Roy’s sleeping face she could only smile.

Dhalia: “Darling, if only you knew how much I love you.”

Dhalia quickly dressed in an instant. Magic made such simple things convenient. She quickly left for the Guild. She arrived at her office before sunrise and began sifting through large stacks of paperwork. There were always matters to approve and look over as she was the guild master of the entire organization made for adventurers.

Her operations oversaw the entire continent and she was the top executive that would negotiate if there were any foreign powers. The reason she was at this Guild Branch in a relatively small country was because this country was in the center of the large continent where everything came through towards. While this guild only had a few S-class adventurers due to the relatively low danger around, it was the best grounds for training for any newbie adventurers.

They would all come to Central Town to start their careers in exploration.

Chrissy and Arwen arrived early summoned by her familiar.

Chrissy: “Good morning Guild Master.”

Arwen: “Good morning Miss Dhalia.”

Dhalia: “You both know what your task will be over the next few days right?”

Chrissy had a slightly disappointed look on her face.

Chrissy: “Yes Guild Master. I will escort the man known as your son.”

Dhalia: “Good. Remember to be nice to my Darling.”

Arwen: “We shall.”

The two women left Dhalia’s office. Arwen had a neutral expression while Chrissy sighed as they walked along.

Chrissy: “I don’t know why we have to be baby sitters when she put her amulet around him.”

Arwen: “Treat it as a break from the usual. Besides, aren’t you a bit curious about him?”

Chrissy: “He has no special abilities. There isn’t anything he can do.”

Arwen: “No there isn’t much he can do is there? Honestly he isn’t good enough to do the great things but there are a lot of things we would want him for. He has money, he has two powerful mothers and the other mother is Xeneva the owner of the largest company and the Master of the Merchant guild. Even if Roy isn’t much himself he has powerful backing.”

Chrissy: “Don’t you think it’s strange though?”

Arwen: “Strange?”

Chrissy: “I understand how the Guild Master might have claimed him as her son if the person who brought him here was his father but he has two mothers?”

Arwen: “It’s peculiar yes, but perhaps they had a love child and used magic to impregnate one of them. There are all sorts of powerful magic in this world after all.”

Chrissy and Arwen continued talking a bit as they thought it over then decided together that perhaps it was worth it to talk with Roy. They eventually came to the conclusion on his status.

Arwen: “You think if they used magic to impregnate Xeneva that they made him human without any special abilities so he wouldn’t go out anywhere? It’s cruel but it at least would stop him from being an adventurer.”

Chrissy: “You think Dhalia wanted to protect him?”

Arwen: “Isn’t it possible? Adventure work is dangerous.”

Chrissy: “It is, but to cripple his ability to be one to that extent only makes it harder for him doesn’t it? His readings were lower than the average person. If he wanted to be a manly man and blow a wench, that’s almost impossible now because 90% of women are physically stronger than him. This also goes beyond mentioning his small physical body that’s smaller than most grown human women. It’s almost like he’ll be stuck as a boy the rest of his life and while both his moms are the same height as he is they’re also different races.”

Arwen: “I guess I also feel sorry for him, but he isn’t a bad height for an elf man. He’s also taller than I am even if he’s too small for you. Come on let’s head to his home, our job is to show him around town and hopefully not make him feel bad at all.”


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