Almighty – Ch. 366

Herb Theft!

Yang Tian’s feelings for Yun’er surfaced again. He pursed his dry lips into a smile. He figured he could repay her with the herb. Next, he rubbed his hands as he looked around before continuing on, only for Yang Xiao to stop him.

“What is the matter, Uncle Xiao?”

“Are you a moron?” asked Yang Xiao, joking. “What makes you think there’s nothing guarding the ninety thousand year herb?”

Yang Xiao’s spine-chilling rhetorical question reminded Yang Tian of the devil voice.

Yang Xiao pointed. “Go see what monster is there.”


The noise was ongoing. The pair of red eyes on him was the sound of a mound. The mountain underfoot was akin to a dune from the creature’s perspective. If one didn’t look carefully, they’d mistake it for a mountain range. Its head was several fractions larger than the mountain underneath Yang Tian’s foot. It could scare one to death with its sheer size.

“Uncle Xiao… he’s found us…”

“Haha, aren’t you standing right there? It’s a kind of strange creature. It sleeps with its eyes open. I think he’s guarded nine yin dark herb for ages.”

Yang Tian gulped and felt nauseous for a second. He mistook the creature’s snoring for roars…

This freak is more of a glutton than Xiaobai.

Judging from how strictly the herb was guarded, Yang Tian said, “I assume the creature would wake the second I try digging it up.”

“We’d be able to escape by the time it woke up as we have Great Void Token.”

“Time to plunder.”

When Yang Tian got close, Green Celestial Flame struggled to cover his ears. He took in a deep breath and awaited Yang Xiao’s command. Finally, Yang Xiao commanded, “Go!”

Yang Tian clutched the nine yin dark herb swiftly, waking up the beast at the same moment. When it saw the ant, the herb was already out of the ground. It unleashed a thunderous roar, generating shockwaves. Yang Xiao augmented his flame around Yang Tian just in time to prevent him being reduced to mincemeat.

The mountain Yang Tian stood on already split. The sky-shrouding creature, vengeful and hell-bent on shredding the thief, charged toward Yang Tian.

Yang Xiao hurled Yang Tian into a black hole he created. The creature behind them crushed the mountain and others around. A smoke screen rose up to the sky. The creature fired two divine spears from its red eyes, impaling voids and vibrating threateningly. It ignored the creatures prostrating themselves as though to await judgement and stomped them to mush.

A void shook as an opening gradually opened in a neighbouring void. Yang Tian dropped into the void. He looked down at the nine yin dark herb in his hand and grinned. Next second, a rancid stench accompanied a violent gale from the dense forest. A bizarre-shaped beast bound toward him from behind with its bloody mouth gaping.

Yang Tian vaulted up and with sundered the creature in an instant. The creature’s putrid stench killed any other hostile intentions the surrounding creatures harboured.

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