Almighty – Ch. 365

Ninety Thousand Years Old Herb!

Yang Tian sat still, trying to comprehend the Splitting Heaven and Earth. His quirk inside evolved. He opened his eyes the next day and fired crimson beams to the sky. He sprayed vital essence from his nose and mouth. The second he piped down, his qihai rumbled and crimson river roiled – he was on the cusp of ascension. The issue was ascending in his current location was the epitome of stupidity since there were more beasts than Yang Xiao could hold back. That was not to mention the lightning tribulation would bring catastrophe.

Yang Xiao fired a crimson flame into Yang Tian’s qihai to subdue it. Yang Xiao succeeded in separating the heavenly might. Yang Tian breathed a breath of relief. Yang Xiao approached and scanned Yang Tian. Smiling, he inquired, “How are you?”

“Dao Physique will be harder to condense from now. There seems to be something stopping it. I will need tremendous amounts of resources to overcome the shackles! It took me almost one day and all of my strength to break free. If only I could have another insight.” Yang Tian headed deeper inside.

When the devils, which the nightmare dragons protected and shared the same origin with, were sealed in this location, lots of big names participated. Accordingly, there were bound to be prized treasures inside.

Yang Tian slowed down once they were deep inside. He sensed creatures. Nightmare dragons were sealed inside, but there were some alive. He panted merely walking dozens of kilometres in. The death qi was harmful, forcing him to shield against it. He took a respite and looked around. As he prepared to continue, Yang Xiao emerged.

“Uncle Xiao, what is the matter?”

Yang Xiao shut his eyes and went on a scouting mission using his divine soul. When he picked up on an active energy signal, he opened his eyes and pointed toward a dense forest. “Let’s go over there.”

Yang Tian jerked right after because a roar shook the trees and rustled leaves.

“Haha, get going. I’ll shield you using my Green Celestial Flame.”

Yang Tian did as he was told. His ears ached due to the booming devil voice; it sounded as though something aggravated it. He took in a deep breath to calm himself.

On the other side of the dense forest was a dark and large mountain; the former could be attributed to the aggressive black mist wreathing around. The devil voice came from within.

Yang Tian rushed into the rumbling mountain, but it literally blew his eardrums as he closed in; he could see the world spinning. Yang Xiao, therefore, covered Yang Tian’s ears with Green Celestial Flame. It took a while for Yang Tian to recollect himself. He rubbed his head and gazed at the peak. Fear surfaced in his mind.

Yang Tian slowed down as he closed in and went prone. Poking his head around the corner, he saw an area of scattered stones. He kept searching until he saw a fifteen-centimetre tall, radiating black spiritual herb.

There were nine leaves releasing black mist. The herb absorbed a lot of energy within a three hundred and thirty kilometre radius.

“Nine yin dark herb!” exclaimed Yang Xiao.

“What is that?”

“See the back of the cave?”

Yang Tian peered into the dark cave.

“Yin qi is has practically pervaded the inside. Rare spiritual herbs that struggle to grow elsewhere can be found in such places. Additionally, it’s my first time seeing a ninety thousand years’ old version. It isn’t any inferior to ordinary divine herbs.”

Yang Tian gulped. “What function does it have?”

Yang Xiao grinned. “Well… it’s useless to you…”

It wasn’t hard to imagine the disappointment Yang Tian expressed.

“It’s useless to human cultivators; however, it’s useful for those with special bodies.

“Special bodies? You mean it would be beneficial to Yun’er?!”

“Correct. It’ll help improve her cultivation and is vital to her divine body’s development.”

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