Almighty – Ch. 364

Second Dao Physique Emerges!

Xiaoqing flew over to the treasure that suddenly appeared in Ancestral Dragon Ring and dipped in for a few drops – with Yang Xiao’s tacit approval. Irate, Xiaobai blew Xiaoqing away with a gust of qi, angering the latter. Xiaoqing didn’t give Xiaobai time to explain himself. He spun around in place and flapped his wings. At the same time, the small divine herb went to the pool, eager for a drink.

Yang Xiao laughed and signalled the small divine herb could have a drink. It helped her wounds tremendously without having to refine herself in a furnace. She radiated five colours and released a beam overhead. Yang Xiao waved a hundred or so drops out and sent them into her body. She went into the pentachrome herb field.

Yang Xiao pursed his lips and sighed. It wasn’t enough to heal a divine herb’s life vitality. There was a cap to what it could do. If it could… it would be miraculous.

Yang Xiao went up to the pentachrome divine lotus and dripped ten-odd drops of core milk on the leaves. The leaves instantly absorbed them and glowed brighter. He gave up after. It was a waste to nourish a divine herb with core milk despite them having plenty, not to mention Xiaobai and Xiaoqing could ascend several levels with their current supply.


Outside the ring, Yang Tian shuddered when he dripped a drop of core milk into his mouth. It rushed through his body and shrouded his interior in mist instantly. The qi and blood he expended inside the dark river was replenished the instant the drop entered his body, also solidified his eleven Dao Physiques more in the process. Luckily, they were almost refined.

In a sense, the eleven Dao Physiques were Yang Tian’s miniature clones. He headed into Ancestral Dragon. He wanted to refine another Dao Physique in preparation for the upcoming danger.

The pool changed the soil around the pentachrome herb field and sped up the spiritual herbs’ growth. Xiaobai lied down next to the pool and drank from it.


Five days later.

Yang Tian glowed crimson and remained in a tranquil state. The cold energy from the black icestone thirty metres away seeped into his body. His blood circulated rapidly. He brimmed with energy and vital essence.


Another five days later.

The rumbling in Yang Tian’s viscera intensified, resembling Chaos’ initial emergence. His Dao Physiques’ vital essence almost lit up his viscera; his viscera were evolving into an unimaginable realm.

The dao recital never stopped. His five viscera and six bowels rumbled. The Dao Physique with divine attributes in his viscera helped his second Dao Physique emerge.


Three days later.

Yang Tian could feel it took longer to refine a Dao Physique after each successive one.  It could eventually become several folds harder. He had no choice but to spend time in the profound realm to grasp it. The never-before-done feat led to meaningful afterthoughts. A phantasmal dragon was vaguely visible from his rumbling body. His quirk was almost ready to burst out of his body.


One day later.

A booming voice dissipated half of the mist in Yang Tian’s viscera. He expelled energy from his head. He needed double the resources that day for his Dao Physique to emerge. Everything in his body rumbled, roiled and glowed.

Yang Xiao stopped pacing around and swept his gaze over to Yang Tian when he felt the latter’s aura.

Yang Tian will need to have a deeper comprehension if Dao Sutra if he is to evolve more Dao Physiques, and it won’t be easy. Moreover, he hasn’t absorbed Chaos Qi, so his Dao Physiques aren’t complete. Since he had the fortune of acquiring it, he’ll be able to reach unfathomable heights!

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