Almighty – Ch. 363

Core Divine Liquid

The ruins had a lot of history and had been protected for ages despite being nothing more than inorganic wreckage, pleasing Yang Tian. The prosperous place could be home to a renowned  i. The heaven and earth energy potency amplified deeper within; it was almost liquid. The lingering energy must’ve gathered where he was.

Yang Tian searched a palace fruitlessly. All that was left was decaying rubbish. Just as disappointing was the empty ground. If spiritual herbs were still growing after ages, then it proved the herb was precious.

Yang Tian entered an area littered with strange rocks that resembled mounds of dirt, while others resembled basins. The common denominator was the mysterious energy. He discovered the divine markings on the wall were a product of nature. He then saw a painting that looked unclear due to an ability it exuded.

Yang Xiao, after examination, informed, “I believe adepts engraved the marks, which are battles between creatures, on the rocks. I surmise disciples were told to study the divine attributes to train their mental fortitude. Think of it as the imitation of Mountains and Rivers Scroll. It’s a pity the inscriptions have been erased for the most part.”

Yang Tian did use Mountains and Rivers Scroll to train his Invincible Will, martial techniques and mental fortitude, but he couldn’t do it for long.

Yang Tian collected the strange rocks and continued with Xiaobai navigating to arrive at an area of mountains with lush grass and ancient vines around small mountains. Vitality from the area rushed into his body as soon as he arrived. Yang Xiao smiled and headed in, guessing there was a vitality spring within.

Xiaobai fixed his eyes on a huge rock and drooled. Yang Tian busted the rock open using Black Devil. White qi burst from inside; the vitality rushed into Yang Tian’s body and upgraded it. His eleven Dao Physiques were refined once!

With a wave of his hand, Yang Tian split open two rocks on either side. A qi breaker gushed out from the rocks, exploding the rock. Xiaobai opened his mouth to absorb the white energy that escaped from the rock.

Yang Tian spotted a small pool roughly several square metres containing the white energy and covered in smog, albeit with energy shining through. The quality of the energy surpassed vitality water.

“It’s core milk.” Yang Tian peered inside. “I think the milk absorbed the energy from this immortal’s cave around and has evolved over time! It takes a hundred years for one drop of core milk to form, yet there are likely tens of thousands of drops of core milk in here.”

True, it was a notch superior to vitality spring. That said, there was an ocean worth there. The devil’s death qi invaded the immortal’s cave with heaven and earth energy back then. Due to the passage of time in the spacious area, the collected energy formed a divine spring!

Xiaobai spared no time leaping in. It would’ve been impossible to tell he was a small beast in there unless one looked carefully.

Yang Xiao turned his attention to three milk-white spiritual flowers the size of a hand. They released a white mist and exuded vitality.

“Uncle Xiao, what is the name of the spiritual herb?”

“No clue. It’s probably a product of the heaven and earth energy. You can consume them as they are.”

Xiaobai surfaced, albeit looking close to passing out. Yang Tian patted Xiaobai’s head and laughed. Xiaobai clearly had a little too much. Xiaobai swung his claws and shook, protesting he wasn’t a glutton. As a result, he slipped back into the pool. Yang Tian and Yang Xiao erupted in laughter before pulling Xiaobai out from his tail.

Yang Xiao summoned a jade broadsword and sliced the area up to move it next to the pentachrome herb field in Ancestral Dragon Ring. The white mist instantly repaired the cracked ground once he set it down and also spread to aforementioned herb field, granting life with expedited development speed.

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