Almighty – Ch. 354

Shocking the Golden Battle Gorilla!

Two divine light beams engaged in a destructive engage. The gorilla crushed everything his rod touched.

Yang Tian fired divine beams from his eyes and performed hand seals, generating energy on his fingertips, burning through his river above his qihai rapidly. He still wasn’t able to use Overthrowing Heaven Seal. With no other choice besides brute strength, he summoned a mountain-sized seal. He imbued the seal with his energy, creating a vital essence whirlpool. “Overthrowing Heaven Seal!”

The gorilla used every ounce of energy, leading to him shaking, to defend against Yang Tian’s attack.

Ignoring the energy expenditure – though his physical energy was still at its peak – Yang Tian attacked again. “Earthquake Seal!”

Unable to resist any longer, the golden battle gorilla created countless clones of himself, which was his Inheritance divine technique, to support his falling golden-iron rod.

Using Dubhe Divine Sword, Yang Tian slashed out a torrent of Sword Auras from the top of Star Pagoda, dismembering the golden lions. His game plan was to tire the gorilla out if he couldn’t defeat him right off the bat.

The gorilla, leveraging his infinite energy source, perpetually generated clones of himself to attack. He scratched his ear and cheek; however, he didn’t let that detract from his speed. He absorbed vital essence from around to replenish any expended vital essence. “You’re running yourself into the ground, kiddo.”

Yang Tian wryly tugged up the corners of his lips, knowing Dao Sutra provided him with virtually boundless physical energy despite his qihai lacking the same amount.

The gorilla broke the deadlock and swung his rod. Yang Tian identified something odd about the rod, so he gave up on Black Demon. He was about to dazzle everyone with a second Celestial Weapon.

The golden pillar put a grin on the golden-winged dapeng’s face. As a weapon refined from meteors outside the realm they knew, it was formidable. Physical proof could be found in the five shattered star domains.

Yang Tian: Let’s see who’s stronger, then.

Yang Tian bounced off the ground, splitting it. The gorilla looked down at the gales blowing, eyes crimson, hair flickering, dao recital booming and pondered what Yang Tian was up to. Yang Tian flew through the clouds.

“Th-that’s Yang Tian, isn’t it?” Shangguan Hao squinted.

Qing Yuan rubbed his eyes and blinked them. “I-I think so?”

“Man, he’s crazy.”

“Could the golden-winged dapeng be what hatched from the egg?!”

Yang Tian grabbed the rod and howled as he channelled five hundred tonnes of force to his hand. The gorilla tried to wrestle control of the pillar back.

The dapeng didn’t expect humanity to be so strong physically.

Xiaoqing circled the pillar and excitedly played referee.

“A young tianpeng… It’s a young tianpeng…” exclaimed Shangguan Hao, spotting Xiaoqing.

The golden-iron pillar shook, sending out shockwaves.

Basing his judgement off his own strength and knowledge of humanity, the gorilla compared Yang Tian’s might to a unique species instead of a human being.

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