Almighty – Ch. 353

Heaven Sundering Technique

The golden battle gorilla dyed the area around it all golden. His divine sound shook mountains in the distance. The energy alone was enough to reduce a Mutated Beast to smithereens. He energetically roared. He overpowered the Autarch Realm adept from a few days ago with his might. His golden-iron rod rumbled as it extended dozens of metres out. He swung and twirled his golden rod, gusting up a tornado on its way to Yang Tian. “Heaven and Earth Technique!”

Had he not possessed Insight of Dao Sutra once, Yang Tian would be defenceless against the gorilla. He needed an ace since the gorilla was a special type from the primordial era that possessed infinite energy.

Yang Tian summoned glimmering Star Pagoda. He built it up roughly twenty-four metres tall, thereby building star domains around it.

The golden-winged dapeng’s attention was drawn to the nine stardust grains Yang Tian used as weapons. It wondered how Yang Tian refined them. Moreover, it implied he was wealthy resources-wise.

The golden rod crashed down on the nine heavens’ star river.

A beast chased Qing Yuan and Shangguan Hao during their search. They eventually hid in a dark river to escape. Once they crawled out, a powerful wave of energy came their way before they could catch their breath.

Qing Yuan scanned the void in front to see the golden battle gorilla resembling a sun. Both he and Shangguan Hao noticed the young gorilla. Qing Yuan knew what Shangguan Hao was thinking when he spotted the latter’s gaze on the golden-iron rod. “Yeah, you can dream on. A child golden battle gorilla is still a golden battle gorilla.”

Shangguan Hao: “Nine stardust grains. What a weapon!”

“Let’s go see. I bet one of humanity’s prodigies is fighting the ape. Let’s see if we can pinch something.”

Yang Tian’s qi and blood cracked the earth. Star Pagoda blasted star domains. The nine layer star river covered the void in a solid defence barrier. The gotills jumped up and down out of anger. He extended his rod even further, almost enough to reach beyond the clouds.

Yang Tian compared the weight of the iron rod to the three-headed, three-armed titan he encountered at Pill Flame Domain.

Seeing the rod, Qing Yuan and Shangguan Hao slammed their brakes. Qing Yuan hoped to see both participants wound up battered for self-explanatory reasons. He jumped into the forest for cover and continued racing over. Shangguan Hao took a moment to react. He jerked his neck back and whinged, “It’s not going to be as easy as you think…” before following after.

The gorilla vaulted high up. “Sundering Heaven Technique!”

Qi breakers blew in every direction with the ape as the point of origin as he swung his rod down. Star Pagoda quickly released star rivers to reinforce the nine-layer defence barrier. Alas, the rod managed to break a layer with crushing impact.

Yang Tian blasted a star river up to his Star Pagoda from his eyes. “Seven Stars Harmony!” he yelled, before unleashing seven star rivers that fused together.

The star blasted a divine light beam that travelled toward the golden rod as fast as lightning. Supporting it was a purple and gold Sword Aura. The impact generated a tornado that split the void.

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