Almighty – Ch. 355

Meeting Qing Yuan Again

Despite the golden-winged dapeng’s level, it was unable to see inside Yang Tian. His body’s interior was akin to a Chaos illusion; there was only a golden light and mist. There was a mysterious energy in the dark that blocked off trespassers.  Still, the dapeng could sense the vital essence in Yang Tian’s body and rate of absorption that surpassed its own.

The gorilla fired golden lightning bolts from his eyes, and his clones disappeared. He pushed his pillar down. Yang Tian howled back. He had his elven Dao Physiques recite scriptures to deliver qi and blood from his organs to his arms as he pushed back up. Smoke came from his body as he mustered up everything he had to lift up the pillar.

A beast that locked on to Qing Yuan and Shangguan Hao rendered them speechless and freaked out. A demonic gale swept the duo away before they could flee.

The gorilla amplified his output, crackling his bones. He had to resist the weight of the pillar as well as the energy around. He narrowed his eyes and looked around with a sly curve at his lips. He blew up the pillar from the interior.

Yang Tian clenched his teeth. “We playing dirty now, are we?”

Yang Tian felt as though countless thorns pricked his hands. What the gorilla did was use a secret technique where his clones grabbed the pillar and shoved it down. Yang Tian decided he needed to call on Chaos Physique and try it. He levitated Star Pagoda and blasted star rivers at the gorilla.

“You little…” remarked the gorilla, smirking in a ridiculing manner. He expanded his golden glow. “Impregnable!”

The powered up gorilla watched Star Pagoda close in and laughed. Nonetheless, the laugh was short-lived. He widened his eyes as an indomitable human figure shrouded in dense mist and lightning emerged from Star Pagoda. He was armed with a purple and gold longsword releasing Chaos Light.

The dapeng was delighted to see Chaos Light had refined a clone.

“You guile brat.”

The gorilla spawned two clones of himself from his eyes. The two clones leapt into the void and attacked Chaos Physique with their iron rods. Dubhe Divine Sword fired back Sword Aura enhanced with Chaos Light, severing the ape clones. Chaos Physique proceeded to erase dozens of gorilla clones. The gorilla drew his exterior aura back into himself and rambled.

“Haha, found your weakness!” jeered Yang Tian, ecstatic.

Though the gorilla’s cloning technique was formidable, due to the clones being a product of his own qi and blood, their death inflicted damage to him. He couldn’t use his energy, or Chaos Physique would destroy him since Yang Tian clung to the pillar.

Yang Tian needed to utilise his best attacks quickly as Chaos Light didn’t last long despite Chaos Physique’s power.

“I’m done. I’m done.” The gorilla moved his rod back to his hand because he didn’t want to die.

Gently landing back on the ground, Yang Tian saluted the real gorilla. “Thank you for the pointers, Elder.”

The gorilla opened his eyes and performed tumbling manoeuvres again, scratching his face out of frustration at his defeat.

Yang Tian looked up toward Xiaoqing, who cheerfully called out to him. He was stupefied once he noticed where Xiaoqing was, though. Xiaoqing had his claws on two heads, specifically Qing Yuan and Shangguan Hao’s. The duo’s faces were red as ripe tomatoes.  When the duo was chatting, the demonic gale sealed their qi and blood. Xiaoqing then fondled them and climbed atop their heads to watch the duel.

Yang Tian leapt over. “Why are you two here?”

Xiaoqing flew into the void and cried innocence, planting the blame on the dapeng king. The dapeng king huffed in a displeasured tone, upset with the betrayal.

Once his restraints came off, Qing Yuan belted, “Yang Tian.”

Qing Yuan and Shangguan Hao instantly shut up and hid behind Yang Tian. The dapeng king didn’t speak. It had an urge to squash Yang Tian; however, going back on its word was unbecoming of its status.

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