Almighty – Ch. 352

Intense Duel!!

Utilising Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps at maximum capacity, Yang Tian leapt in a similar motion to a small tianpeng, leaving afterimages behind. He threw a double punch on the iron rod. Their fight ripped apart the landscape and void. Both contestants felt the brunt of physical contact. They retreated dozens of steps after their clash.

Yang Tian’s Dao Sutra cultivation granted him might enough to generate divine booms with each attack. Thus, despite being human, his brute force didn’t pale in comparison to the golden battle gorilla’s might.

The gorilla churned up more qi and blood. The longer the fight raged on, the harder the he swung.

“Hargh!” grunted Yang Tian, having a deity in his qi and blood increase his output.

The gorilla fought Yang Tian with just a clone. Nevertheless, he was thrilled to be able to fight for so long – technically for half a day.

Yang Tian improved in all physical facets and with proficiency of his techniques thanks to the match.

The golden-winged dapeng carefully scrutinising Yang Tian discerned his footwork resembled a tianpeng’s secret technique.

The qi breakers blew Xiaoqing onto the ground, leading to him fuming at them. He felt he was embarrassed in front of his family.

The gorilla gradually found himself astonished he couldn’t catch Yang Tian in spite of him being renowned for his speed. Needless to say, Yang Tian wasn’t much better off because he had to fend off the pressure of being the defender. He lasted as he grasped the golden-winged dapeng’s divine attribute. Moreover, both were injured. Yang Tian thankfully had his qi and blood deity purify his body using vital essence to heal his bloody wounds completely.

Yang Tian’s brute strength, ability to heal as long as the wounds weren’t fatal and vital essence potency rivalling the gorilla didn’t make sense to the gorilla. Actually, even the dapeng couldn’t make sense of it for the reason it was only unable to identify Yang Tian’s cultivation method, albeit sensing the deity in is pore.

Yang Tian had to have his deities in his organs recite Dao Sutra to resist against the iron rods’ divine sounds. His strategic counter surprised the gorilla. Therefore, the gorilla intensified his sound and brightness. Seeing and hearing the intensification, Yang Tian wondered, the demon race knows divine soul secret techniques now?

Though thrown off for a second, Yang Tian quickly maintained his divine soul in his divine soul dimension to avoid anything disturbing it.

Yang Xiao, witnessing the modifications in Yang Tian’s body, instructed, “Use your body’s sound to attack.”

Yang Tian opened all of his pores. The deities in his pores and Dao Physique in his organ recited Dao Sutra. As Yang Xiao told him, the recital riled up everything in the void and froze the gotilla’s clone. Yang Tian followed up with another loud divine sound.

Yang Tian’s dao recital evidently overpowered the gorilla’s sound. His eleven glowing Dao Physiques’ were even more impressive. The Demon Emperor Realm gorilla had a solid grasp on secret techniques, so he was supposed to be superior to Yang Tian. Reality told a different story. The dao sounds also rattled him mentally.

He might’ve used a clone, but a loss was a loss, and losing happened to be embarrassing. Excitement taking over his rationality, the gorilla proudly declared, “Haha, I’m going to use a secret technique now. Be careful.” The gorilla powered up, emitting clangs from his fur.

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