Almighty – Ch. 351

Intense Duel!

Xiaoqing’s memories resurfaced when he made eye contact with the golden-winged dapeng. The two communicated before he was born. He, therefore, was familiar with the golden-winged dapeng’s aura. Xiaoqing circled around the dapeng excitedly as a child would.

An era in humanity’s world would’ve past by the time a Divine Beast was raised into adulthood. Part of it had to do with their Source and demand to be vaunted; the latter was embedded in the fact that their ancestors slew some of the strongest humans during the primordial era.

The dapeng was moved to tears. Trespassing into forbidden zones for special herbs wasn’t enough to save Xiaoqing back then, yet the man in white was able to treat and bring out his power so quickly. For that, the dapeng was grateful.

The golden battle gorilla laughed loudly and somersaulted. The dapeng, however, silently looked at Yang Tian with a melancholic look in its eyes. No contract was established between it and the man in white. Nevertheless, the man in white could squash him effortlessly. Accordingly, attacking Yang Tian was pure folly.

The dapeng turned to Xiaoqing and sighed. “Are you all right with being his companion?”

Xiaoqing nodded. He developed a bond with Yang Tian as that was who he saw upon hatching. Plus, there was Xiaobai and the small divine herb, both of whom he befriended. Yang Tian was happy to know he didn’t dote on Xiaoqing for nothing, and his ancestor, whom he aspired to emulate, held weight.

The dapeng fumed, “Who will you choose between him and me?”

Xiaoqing nodded, then shook his head. He couldn’t bear to apart with neither, leaving the dapeng with a bitter taste in its mouth. It soon appeased its own anger. At the end of the day, Yang Tian’s ancestor was Xiaoqing’s benefactor. It was the first time their race accompanied a human. What was the point of helping those weaker than itself? Besides, humanity was still on the decline. The dapeng solemnly said to Yang Tian, “I don’t care who your ancestor is, but it’s been a long time since anyone from my race has served another!”

Yang Tian kept silent for he didn’t have a death wish.

“If you want my tianpeng race to serve you, then.” The dapeng chuckled and pointed to the golden battle gorilla. “You just need to defeat him,”

Yang Tian didn’t like the suggestion, nor did he look confident enough to take one blow. There was a reason he fled in the first place. The Mutated Beast could give Divine Beasts a run for their money and possessed plenty of stamina.

“Surely you jest.”

The gorilla’s laugh was enough to blow up a Battle Emperor, let alone Yang Tian.

Dapeng: “From what I can tell, you’re not even at Battle King Realm yet. If you cannot defeat my sworn brother when he lowers himself to your level, hmph!”

Yang Tian was glad to hear he’d be granted an even match in terms of level. Consequently, he began to feel eager for the fight. Having said that, if he could do what others failed to do and defeat the gorilla when it was on his level, then he would match Lesser Mutated Beasts’ realm-wise!

Interested in Yang Tian’s brute strength, the gorilla swung his iron rod as he laughed. Suppressing his discharging qi and blood, he shrunk. “Beat me, and I’ll be your friend.”

Yang TIan: Hell, as if I’d dare to be your friend.

The gorilla propped himself on his bottom and shut his eyes. He summoned a body similar to his own overhead.

Before Yang Tian could wrap his head around it, Yang Xiao explained, “It’s Clone Technique. It’s the monkey’s Divine Technique from his Inheritance.”

Xiaoqing soared and excitedly called out as if he was a referee.

The gorilla’s clone was also armed with a golden iron rod and no less powerful. As a fighting monger, the gorilla immediately struck at Yang Tian with rod clones. Yang Tian took in a deep breath and contracted his muscles. Using the ground as a platform, he propelled himself forward at a high velocity. Qi, blood, essence, deities in them and dao recitals all kicked off.

Yang Tian uncorked a straight punch, unleashing a crimson and star light blast that decimated the rod clones. The gorilla bound forward and repeated the previous technique.

“Break!” exclaimed Yang Tian, throwing a dual punch worth five hundred tonnes of might at the ape’s clones.

The gorilla powered up several levels. He violently swung his golden rod in a horizontal motion. The qi and blood he swung out from his rod had a radius long enough to topple nearby mountains.

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