Almighty – Ch. 350

Golden-Winged Dapeng King Arrives!

They could escape if it was just the gorilla, but the dapeng’s cultivation was a notch above the gorilla. If Yang Clan’s erstwhile patriarch hadn’t intimidated the dapeng enough, they’d be in serious trouble – not that they could do anything besides watch and see.

When the sea of lightning dispersed, Yang Tian got to his feet and inspected his two weapons, then blasted a star river from his eyes out of nowhere. The star river resembled a staircase to heaven. Each of the seven stars was massive.

“Dubhe, return!” commanded Yang Tian.

Dubhe Star shook and returned.

“Merak, return!”

Qi, blood and dao recitals sent tremors through the area.

Star Pagoda vibrated, expressing fondness for the star river. It landed above Merak Star and rained down star domains as if it was fusing with the surrounding stars.

Nine heavens stardust bolstered Star Illuminates the Blue Sky Quirk. Yang Tian then stared at a mountain over three kilometres. “Star River Scroll, I summon you!”

Star Illuminates the Blue Sky’s Mutated Beasts vibrated. Star rivers rained similarly to a formation. The star river raced to the mountain as fast as lightning, imploding on the mountain and shattering it. As a result, the void there crumbled. Star rivers descended from the star light. Sword Aura blasted at the environment.

Star River Scroll activated via seven divine weapons. In a sense, it was the equivalent of wielding seven weapons.

“Seven Stars Harmony!”

The seven star rivers fused to become a single star. The star vibrated as it headed to the sky, generating gales and busting voids.

Yang Tian’s hairs stood up in his moment of excitement for he sensed a menacing beast’s gaze on him. He surveyed the area up ahead, wondering what the deal was. Before he could find the answer, the two beasts’ appeared in the void, answering his query.

Yang Ba’s heart skipped a bat. His golden spear vanished from his hand, but he kept a vigilant watch on the space up ahead.

The golden-winged dapeng noticed Yang Tian’s blood and essence resembled his own. Meanwhile, the gorilla reached out for Star River Scroll, loving what he saw.

Yang Tian commanded his star river to reverse its direction and retreat, puzzling the gorilla. However, he still tracked it with his eyes to Yang Tian. The ape looked back at the dapeng and scratched his chin. He could tell Yang Tian’s possessed immense brute force.

Yang Tian broke out in cold sweat. The dapeng was scarier to him because the dapeng could tell he utilised its blood and essence to refine his body. The standoff lasted for a while before the dapeng finally asked, “You are his descendant?”

Yang Tian offered a palm-fist salute. “Yes.”

“Hmph!” snorted the dapeng, voice loud enough to jolt Yang Tian’s organs. The dapeng wondered where its descendant was after the man in white asked to give it his own descendant. It couldn’t tell where Yang Tian hid its descendant.

Meanwhile, the gorilla wondered what the two were talking about.

“Let him see Xiaoqing. He promised our patriarch he wouldn’t break the promise,” conveyed Yang Xiao.

If they didn’t keep the promise the dapeng would unquestionably snatch Xiaoqing back; it did nearly raze Pill City for Xiaoqing’s sake.

Yang Tian brought Xiaoqing out from Ancestral Dragon Ring. Xiaoqing developed a lot after consuming a drop of blood and essence. He eventually fared better against Xiaobai during their sparring sessions.

Xiaoqing soared up onto Yang Tian’s shoulder and cheerfully called out. The dapeng’s cold demeanour went away when it saw Xiaoqing.

The gorilla shook his hands and laughed. The dapeng saw no hope despite its best efforts back when Xiaoqing was attacked. He couldn’t believe Xiaoqing was only treated but also grew so rapidly.

Xiaoqing felt familiar to the dapeng on a bloodline level.

The gorilla somersaulted and excitedly scratched his face. “He’s been treated! He’s been treated!”

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