Almighty – Ch. 349

Facing the Lightning Tribulation Together

The silent forest was desecrated. The air was oppressive. Only one mountain escaped annihilation.

Not believing what the golden-winged dapeng in front told him, the golden battle gorilla with electrifying golden eyes scratched his face.  “Big Bro, does such a powerful human really exist? Also, did you say he was just a fragmented soul?!”

With an unyielding undertone, the dapeng replied, “Yes. I never even had a chance. I’d be sealed right now if he didn’t show mercy.”

The golden battle gorilla waved his golden rod whilst bouncing up and down. “If he can heal your descendant, he might be stronger than Demon Lord…”

The mention of Demon Lord struck a chord with the dapeng – in a violent way – but it calmed down. “A treasure has emerged.”

“We’re bored here with nothing to do. Let’s go take a look,” suggested the gorilla, somersaulting before riding off on a divine light.

The eerie atmosphere they created calmed down after they left.


After bumping into Qing Yuan on the way, Shangguan Hao joined the former. “Qing Yuan, I think some creatures fought here.”

“I agree, and I pray I don’t run into that divine bird. I wonder where Yang Tian is. This place is massive, and I don’t feel like running into Mutated Beasts.”

“Let’s get going…” The two cautiously headed deeper in, passing by the dead Mutated Beasts.


The area the Yang brothers were in was cloudy, albeit with the lightning flashes and rumbling thunder.

Star Pagoda blasted star light to create a star domain. Thunder clapped louder and louder as two weapons were in the party. Nothing could destroy something forged from divine materials. If anything, attacking them would only trigger its ability.

Dubhe Divine Sword levitated from Yang Tian’s hand up to the ether. Two small dragons challenged the heavens with their roar. Angry that their dignity was challenged, the heavens generated a field of lightning.

“I’m going to reforge Black Devil and Golden Crow Divine Furnace so that I can have four divine weapons!”

Black Devil was invaluable to Yang Tian since it was sharp and helped strengthen his body. Add divine materials to it, and it would be another beast. It was impossible at present for his cultivation wasn’t advanced enough to pull it off. As for Golden Crow Divine Furnace, there was a three-legged crow’s Bloodline inside containing divine attributes.

The sky carried on rumbling, flashing lightning and gathering dense dark clouds. At long last, three merciless lightning bolts struck, brightening the area.

Star Pagoda commanded its star domain with its vibrations, sending it upward. The star domain opened up to trap the lightning within.

Yang Xiao: “I’m not even surprised with stardust being in there. Nine heavens and coincidentally nine grains. Nine star rivers covering heaven and Earth makes for a perfect defence. Why are you surprised?”

Star Pagoda filled the biggest gap in Yang Tian’s skillset: defence. Feeling jolly, he scrubbed his head. “I guess I was right to choose it.”

Not even the Earth was able to endure the lightning bolts, yet Yang Tian sat inside the lightning without being fazed because Lightning Source would devour any lightning bolts that approached him.

The lightning enveloping Yang Ba’s golden battle spear eroded the bloodstains on the spear, upgrading the spear.

Dubhe Divine Sword slashed out a golden light wave, refining the lightning and clouds to temper itself. The sword alternated between its large and small form.

It wasn’t supposed to be surprising for the three weapons to assault the heavens given their pride as weapons refined using divine materials. The sea of lightning didn’t take the challenge kindly, retaliating with descending lightning bolts out for destruction.

A quaint, dignified star domain crashed down, pinning the sea of lightning. Star Pagoda camped inside the sea of lightning to borrow its radiance. The golden battle ape unleashed its ability as it swung through the air, cutting through lightning and charging toward the sea of lightning.

The small purple and golden dragon roared. Dubhe Divine Sword extended to three hundred and thirty-three metres.

Yang Tian slashed a crescent-shaped light attack at the sea of lightning. “The sea of lightning seems underwhelming.”

“It’s not underwhelming; five or ten weapons would normally be destroyed. These three just happen to be made specially.” Yang Xiao recalled his past refinement experiences and lightning tribulations. He squinted as he peered into the distance.

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