Almighty – Ch. 333

Four Forms Killing Formation

Li Cheng and his ally couldn’t slay the golden divine dragon so easily as its Bloodline was superior to Li Cheng.

There were towering trees everywhere in the area Yang Tian’s group arrived at. Keeping his eyes on the energy pillar, Yang Tian decided today was the day he’d settle some scores. He was confident he could maul Li Long because Li Long was hurt in the battle, lacked a decent Bloodline combat and was only a First Layer Almighty Realm cultivator.

Chubby and Xiaoji had an ace up their sleeves.

“Yang Tian!” Li Long’s movements rustled the leaves and split trees.

Yang Ba stomped, burying the aura up ahead with his purple glow to stop the aura.

“Hahaha, let’s see you run now!”

Yang Tian: “It’s time for you to pay!”

“Hahaha, you four must be delusional!”

Chubby twirled his bloodstained bone. “I’m going to kill you, old geezer…”

“Shut up and die!”

“Do it!” Xiaoji snickered.

The duo placed four crimson formation disks in four locations simultaneously. The text on the formations interwove to incarcerate Li Long!

Chubby and Xiaoji: “Four Forms Formation!”

Chubby’s bone glowed to hold down one side. Xiaoji flew up at high velocity, then warped his pearls on his bracelet out to hold down the other corner.

Yang Ba, armed with his glowing pentachrome divine spear, absorbed qi in the environment, spreading his purple glow.

Yang Tian: “Let’s see you get away this time.”

It all happened in one instant. Li Long could tell he fell for their ploy. The four of them seemingly became apparitions already, making it impossible to touch them.

Hair thrashing as he powered up, Yang Ba struck with his spear. Chubby, Xiaoji and Yang Tian attacked with their bone, pearls and Golden Crow Divine Furnace simultaneously.

The mysterious magical text shone to fuse with the four energies. Daoists utilised Four Forms Formation, which produced the same result as Yang Ba’s Twelve Macrocosmic Killing Formation. Yang Xiao suspected Yang Ba’s Twelve Macrocosmic Killing Formation also belonged to daoists since he once travelled to the outer perimeter of a mysterious place but didn’t enter.

Li Long was troubled upon seeing the divine phenomena in the void. He donned his golden battle armour, then punched, blasting the dragon elephant with his newfound Fighting Spirit and enhancing it with the void’s energy. The boom resulted in dreadful destruction around them. The dragon elephant roared, but Li Long’s punch overwhelmed it, leaving it with a crack in its chest.

Xiaoji split his pearls, sealing the energy below with its own immense energy.

Impressed and motivated, Yang Tian revived his Golden Crow Furnace’s ability to summon a three-legged crow. “Fire!”

The three-legged crow blasted an intense flame down toward Li Long.

Li Long’s only hope was to muscle his way out. Cursing, he summoned a golden bowl to his hand. Golden qi and blood gushed forth from his bowl and hit the formation.

Yang Ba summoned his new golden battle spear.

Being trapped didn’t mean Li Long didn’t want to steal the spear. He started powering up, crying, “It’s mine. It’s mine… I’m killing all of you!” as he summoned True Dragons from his bowl to assault the formation.

Yang Ba activated the energy within his golden battle spear, intensifying its vibrations.

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