Almighty – Ch. 334

Divination Technique!

Yang Tian coldly stared at Li Long, who was immobilised – courtesy of the Four Form Formation Chubby and Xiaoji deployed. Yang Tian commanded Dubhe Divine Sword to slash waves of star light.

Yang Ba’s Weapon Spirit wildly roared for the first time in ages, vibrating the golden spear.

Like a prophet, Chubby pressed his hands together to activate the core of the Four Forms Formation.

Greedy and wary, Li Long’s true dragons charged at the spear.

Bangs, booms and the bloody auras pervaded the airspace. The fight generated rumbles akin to thunder gods at war, driving Yang Ba’s ability down. The intense exchange ravaged the land.

Li Long was an Almighty Realm adept, meaning he was superior to Battle Emperor Yang Ba, yet he and his golden bowl felt the pressure.

Yang Tian shot star beams from his eyes toward Li Long. Li Long pushed his golden bowl to its max, firing a scorching golden beam back at Yang Tian’s rays. Chaos Physique stepped out from Yang Tian’s forehead. It swung Dubhe Divine Sword, raining blazing-fast sword auras buffed with Chaos Light. The sword aura’s sound could induce hallucinations.

Aware that he couldn’t let any Chaos Light catch him, Li Long belted to expand his golden bowl. He generated a whirlpool inside that discharged golden qi and blood to stop the sword aura’s barrage.

Yang Ba’s clashes with the golden bowl emitted petrifying clangs. The three finally sprang into action, punching the golden bowl ferociously. All three of them possessed brute strength capable of rattling the big bowl with their bare hands. Eventually, they started hearing themselves crack the bowl.

Chaos sword aura still firing from his forehead, Yang Tian unleashed the mountain-sized Overthrowing the Heavens Seal, sending tremors nearly capable of blowing the golden bowl away throughout the area. “I said you’d pay today!”

“You wish!” Li Long utilised his golden battle robe’s ability to cover his body and fill the confined void with golden mist.

Chubby scanned the magical text in the void for a tick. “He’s taking cover. We need to take his armour from him. Else, the formation won’t last much longer.”

Xiaoji nodded. The star domain within trembled as though it was raining meteors. Receiving a “go!” command from him, the luminous pearls constructed a star scroll stylised as a star domain from outside this domain. The star domain crashed down on the burbling golden mist. Though it dented it, it wasn’t enough to break the defence – not to say accomplishing that against an Almighty Realm adept wasn’t impressive.

Yang Ba summoned phantasmal golden divine spears and dropped them. The duo’s assault left the golden mist looking demented, but they still didn’t disperse it quite yet despite the destruction it caused to everything else. Yang Ba’s divine spear forced Li Long into a precarious passive position.

Chubby summoned a golden copper coin with patterns on it and then began chanting. Nine bronze coins shook the void and fired light beams. The technique was Nine Stars Kan Moon, Summoning Star Energy!

The technique stirred and ushered over a mysterious energy from a domain far away. Spectres descended, forming a mammoth star domain that fired beams of star rivers at the golden mist.


Nine Stars Kan Moon – Kan from the water symbol in Bagua.

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