Almighty – Ch. 332

Slaying an Almighty Realm Adept

Lips pursed, Yang Xiao waved a hand, erasing two green rocks up ahead. They reappeared again almost instantly, but they reappeared as eggs with similar auras to the two they were after.

On the battlefield, qi breakers were unleashed one after another. The three elders had almost broken through the golden ocean. The golden divine lion, on the other hand, was visibly worn out. Though she gave the impression she had recovered when she opened her eyes again, she was actually bemused.

Yang Xiao laughed and explained to puzzled Yang Tian, “This is called Rearrangement Grand Technique. Make sure to practice it diligently. It’s a rare secret technique.”

“Hehe, I will.” Yang Tian sprinted to the entrance, climbed into Golden Crow Divine Furnace and transformed into a speck of dust to sneak out of the cave.

The area outside had been rearranged. There were even black holes. Li Clan’s trio didn’t look to be in fantastic shape.

The lion would need several decades of uninterrupted cultivation to replenish her loss. She still possessed plenty of might, albeit was gasping blood. Once she recomposed herself, she roared and charged in again.

Chubby grabbed his bloodstained bone. “Prepare to leg it. The formation is done for. They’ll catch us if I switch formations now.”

The dimming and breaking formation burst open after the lion roared. The combatants stopped moving. The lion scanned the three.

Li Cheng stole a gander inside.

Where’s Yang Tian? Don’t tell me he used us as bait.

Annoyed that Chubby’s formation crumbled as a result of the expelled aura, Yang Tian grouched, “Damn it, fatty,” and reassumed his real form.

Xiaoji and Chubby looked at each other. Judging from their reaction, they were at their wits end.

The lion’s intuition told her that her child was in trouble.

“Yang Tian!” belted Li Cheng.

Yang Tian: “Elders, your disciple has fulfilled the mission you assigned and successfully stolen the egg.”

Yang Tian threw a ring before Li Clan’s trio could react. The scent within the ring resembled the eggs’. Although surprised, they instinctively reached for the interspatial ring. Li Cheng looked confused once he caught it.

Inflamed, the lion unleashed her Bloodline, blasting a wave of energy from her mouth and startling Li Clan’s trio. She wasn’t willing to listen to their desperate explanation, focusing on powering up.

“Yang Tian!” blustered Li Long, before realising the four already sped off.

“I’m going to rip you all apart!” brayed the golden divine lion, powering up further when her hostile gaze found its way to the interspatial ring.

The trio struggled to find the words to talk their way out of fighting the demon-like lion. They wouldn’t die. Nonetheless, if they were struck with her Bloodline – and they would for sure – they’d still suffer.

“Tear open a passageway. Li Long, go and catch them. They won’t get too far!” commanded Li Cheng.

“Fire!” Li Cheng launched a golden punch as a blast, opening a path in the golden ocean.

“Fire!” Li Long and his ally followed suit.

Sensing Li Long catching up, Chubby pulled out a formation disc, intending to traverse the void. Before they could entire the rotating disc, Li Long exclaimed, “You’re not going anywhere!”

Li Long intercepted them and threw a void-rippling punch. The passageway that appeared contorted as though the punch affected it. Owing to the interruption, the formation disc paved a passageway only about five kilometres. The four were dropped down right as the void collapsed.

Getting to his feet with his hair messed up, Chubby cursed first, and then Xiaoji followed suit.

Perceiving the two to be serious about their threats, Yang Tian’s eyes lit up. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Yes. We weren’t confident with just the two of us. With you two helping, however, we can smash him!” answered Chubby.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Li Long made his entrance with another punch.

“Let’s go…” Chubby took out another formation disc without regards for physical pain.

Li Long was vexed with Chubby pulling out a formation disc a second time when he was close to catching them. That was not to mention the way he was led by the nose back there and the egg Yang Tian had. That said, Chubby was heartbroken after going through ten formation discs to travel five hundred kilometres.

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