Almighty – Ch. 331

Pentachrome Divine Lotus

If they got caught in the crossfire, they’d all be dead. Chubby started praying again. This time, he prayed Yang Tian would be quick as his formation wasn’t going to hold for much longer.

The speck of dust sneaked inside the cave via the sky. Replacing it was Yang Tian, who was enveloped in a green flame containing his aura. He lightly treaded toward the end of the pitch-black passageway. Once close, he sensed an unnerving aura inside.

Yang Xiao: “Don’t worry. It’s a dead golden-horned rhinoceros.”

Yang Tian smirked, then headed in. At the end of the passageway was a huge cave shining brightly. The golden light disabled his vision for a moment. Opening his eyes again, he saw the dead golden-horned rhinoceros over a hundred metres tall. Its golden fur was akin to a golden satin sheet. Its golden horn embellished with a pattern was snapped. It could’ve been a rare refinement material, otherwise.

“Stop dallying. We don’t have much time,” badgered Yang Xiao, transporting the rhinoceros into Ancestral Dragon Ring with a wave of his hand, thereby vacating the place.

The small divine herb exclaimed excitedly. Xiaoqing, sensing its vitality potency, flew over to it. Xiaobai hooted and drooled; he needed it grilled. All three could’ve benefited from the rhinoceros energy despite it being a corpse.

The golden light inside the cave dimmed, revealing the true nature of the cave. Unlike with other Mutated Beasts’ caves, this one was tidy, suggesting the lion was a neat one.

In the centre was a purple and red lotus floating on a small pool of jadeite water. The pentachrome rank eight divine lotus – divine herb – in its phantasmal form was growing, proving there was a quirk wreathing around the lotus. The top of the lotus was shut; its contents were contained for the most part. Thus far, it only had two colours. According to Yang Xiao, it would reveal its third colour soon enough. The more colours revealed, the more potent it was. Coincidentally, the lotus was the last ingredient they needed to refine a Celestial Level elixir pool.

Yang Xiao laughed. It took a thousand years for one colour to sprout, which meant it would be fifty thousand years old once it fully grew. It gave birth to a humanoid once it was fully mature.

Yang Tian had the corners of his lips tugged up to his ears.

Yang Xiao: “Go ahead and touch it if you have a death wish.”

Yang Tian stopped himself and touched his head. “What is it, Uncle Xiao?”

“You think the golden divine dragon didn’t cast a seal on its rank eight divine herb? It has developed a spirit and could leave!”

“What shall we do, then?”

Yang Xiao summoned the small divine herb to the cave. She blinked in rapid succession as she tried to wrap her head around the situation. Spotting the pentachrome divine lotus, she smiled gleefully. Yang Xiao didn’t stop her from walking over. Instead, he said to Yang Tian, “Watch. She’s masterful with concealment techniques, especially in her case, as she possesses some unique skills. Her concealment skills, as a matter of fact, surpass mine.”

The divine herb stopped after a few steps. Her face turned radiant white, and she vanished before Yang Tian’s eyes. Upon reappearing, she was already in the lake.

Yang Tian: “There’s a restrictive technique cast around here. With that said, it’s not tough to overcome. The issue is I would set off alarms if I dismantled it.”

The divine herb brushed the mud away with her hands and grabbed the lotus. The lotus glowed as if to express gratitude for rescuing it, surprising Yang Tian.

Xiaobai and Xiaoqing flapped their gums as if there was no tomorrow inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. Maybe they were discussing how to prepare the rhinoceros for dinner. Xiaoqing kept tearing its flesh off, but not even a white spot was left. Xiaoqing suddenly decided to fly over to the lake. Xiaobai rushed over to the divine lotus with his raging appetite.

The area suddenly quaked, causing Xiaobai to tumble and land upside down.

Yang Xiao: “Hahaha, Glutton, no touching this one. We need to use it.”

Xiaobai hooted and continued drooling again. Xiaoqing soared in the air and mocked Xiaobai.

The infant was far inferior compared to Xiaoqing, but Li Clan’s three elders vying for it gave away its potential.

Before Yang Tian could touch the lion’s egg Yang Xiao snatched it up and shook his head. “Do you think the lion would let you take something so important so easily?”

“What do we do, then?” Yang Tian questioned.

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