Almighty – Ch. 330

Sneaking into the Immortal’s Cave

The black seal’s energy returned, and it unleashed its devastating attacks. However, something felt wrong because the golden divine lion kept dialling up the intensity. It clicked when he noticed a dark cave up ahead.

As Li Cheng noticed the cave, Yang Tian’s group exchanged eye contact with each other, frowning. Li Cheng would be keen on a treasure the lion guarded with her life.

The golden divine lion knew where Li Cheng was looking. Thus, she powered up. The brighter lion stomped its way over to Li Cheng.

At maximum power, the formation Chubby set up struggled to hold up. The runes vanished rapidly to expand. Still, it wasn’t going to hold up.

At this point, Li Cheng was fairly sure the lion was desperate as she wanted to protect her child. He elevated his black seal again and expanded it to roughly three hundred square metres, becoming a true weapon. It managed to bash a hole in the golden sea in one attack.

The lion lunged at the seal. Only to be struck and turned upside down. The golden lion kicked through, tearing the void apart with its thirty-three metre phantasmal leg and stomped the black seal away.

Li Cheng brayed, reversing his seal’s rotation and discharging energy.

Despite having just given birth, the golden divine lion’s might wasn’t diminished. Its continuous stomping that rocked the void induced nausea even for the mightiest. It pushed Li Cheng back with due time. Its feet released golden light as it threw a barrage at the black seal, cracking it and then cracking it more and more. He could gnash his teeth all he wanted. Due to his old age, Li Cheng wasn’t able to handle his expenditure, therefore bleeding from his mouth.

Detecting two Almighty Realm elders approaching, therefore putting the golden divine lion in jeopardy, Yang Tian scowled. “Damn, those two old geezers are on their way.”

Li Cheng, hair thrashing as he coughed blood, sensed his allies approach. “Elders, assist me in slaying this cur!”

The golden divine lion began utilising a secret technique, summoning an ocean of imposing golden divine flames, distorting vision in the void.

Li Long squirmed. Are you bored out of your skin or something? Why would you pick a fight with this monster?!

“Assist me, elders. Its child is in the cave!” belted Li Cheng.

No sane man would exchange a Dao Weapon for a beast that could be raised as their clan guardian.

“Damn, the formation is going to crumble,” cursed Chubby, watching the runes dim as a result of the divine flames.

The golden divine lion would struggle against Li Clan’s trio even at maximum power. Anxious, Yang Tian inquired, “What shall we do now, Uncle Xiao?”

“Mm, once they engage, we’ll sneak inside, hahaha,” answered Yang Xiao.

Yang Tian jerked his head back, thinking Yang Xiao’s response and the consequences of the lion discovering them in there would be life threatening.

Yang Xiao chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’ll wrap you in my Green Celestial Flame, and you hide inside your Golden Crow Divine Furnace. I doubt the lion would find you.”

“All right… all right.”

Flames spraying from its four limbs, the golden divine lion aimed her divine flames at the trio’s heads. Together, the trio created a blindingly bright void. A grain of sand boldly sneaked past the combatants and headed to the cave. Due to the blinding light, the combatants didn’t notice Yang Tian. Nevertheless, Chubby prayed as if he was a prophet of some sort.

“Yang Tian, you better pray lady luck is on our side.”

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