Almighty – Ch. 329

Fierce Fight

Chubby imbued his jadeite formation disc with wisps of qi and blood, lightning up the runes and ancient text. That said, the aura wasn’t very prominent.

Before they were ready, the golden divine lion juddered. It lifted its leg onto a rock, crushing it. Frightened, the group immediately took cover for they didn’t want a physical altercation with the dragon.

Chubby, stuck in place, glanced at the sleeping lion, then hurled his shimmering formation disc into the sky. The text on it shone down and spread, transforming the area. The lion vanished, too, leaving just broken quaint trees. Chubby deployed an illusion formation.

Yang Ba: “Hurry. The old geezer is coming.”

Chubby stroked his golden disc, telling them it was his clan’s treasure. By nature, the disc burnt through the magical text and materials’ essence each time he used it, thereby reducing its power each use. Once he detected Li Cheng at the foot of the mountain, he aggressively shook his body.

Chubby activated his formation disc, expelling a gold smoke screen to conceal them. The turbulence woke the golden divine lion from its slumber.

The groggy lion groaned and then blasted a golden ray through the illusion formation. It noticed a hostile energy approaching the mountain peak comparably to a tide before it could do anything else.

Li Cheng’s expression froze on his face when he saw the massive lion. He quickly realised he fell for Yang Tian’s ploy.

The golden divine lion wrathfully stared at Li Long after having its sleep disturbed and being ambushed. Its booming muscle contractions and breaths parted clouds. It unleashed an ear-splitting belt.

Li Cheng had a tiny chance of winning against the lion – if even that. He pursed his lips and, in a loud voice, expressed, “This is all a misunderstanding.”

“Despicable!” roared the golden divine lion, not buying Li Cheng’s lie, since she chose a secluded location to recuperate after giving birth.

Like a golden lightning bolt, the divine golden lion zipped over to Li Cheng. Enraged, Li Cheng roused his dormant energy. He unleashed a vital-essence-enhanced palm attack that repulsed the lion. The lion roared and leapt into the ether. From there, the lion stomped its way down.

“Cursed monster!”

Li Cheng summoned a black seal with in divine markings and sent it up at the incoming foot. The two clashed, but all Li Cheng achieved was killing a few strings of fur.

“Die, human!” roared the lion, destroying the landscape and meeting the black seal head on fearlessly.

QI breakers destroyed more landscape, all but the landscape behind the golden divine lion. The void’s turbulence had no impact on the formation Yang Tian’s group hid in below.

“I wonder who’ll win,” mumbled Chubby.

“We can’t let them fight here, though. We need to lure them away,” muttered Xiaoji.

Yang Tian: “Let’s wait and see. The lion just gave birth, so she’ll go all out.”

“Why aren’t the other two elders here?” quietly asked Yang Ba, aware that the lion would fall if the other two Almighty Realm elders joined.

That was the end of the conversation for they moved on to praying next.

Li Clan’s two elders could feel the brunt of the intense clash. Li Long didn’t understand why Li Cheng fought a non-human species. Still, he rushed over to avoid being scolded again.

Li Cheng was evenly matched with the lion. The lion scared all life around with a roar when she sensed someone encroaching.

The shimmering black seal attacked as loud as thunderclap.

As it was beneficial to watch fights of that calibre, Yang Tian was thrilled.

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