Almighty – Ch. 328

Golden Divine Dragon!

Having calmed himself, Yang Xiao ended the awkwardness. “They stuck a tracker on the chubby kid. It’s disabled beyond a kilometre and a half, though.”

Yang Tian used his divine soul energy to search Chubby right away.

Chubby got goose bumps as Yang Tian ran his eyes over him. He didn’t know what Yang Tian was doing. Since Yang Tian had the same group hunting him, Chubby didn’t think Yang Tian would harm them. Still, Yang Tian’s actions worried him. “What’s the matter?”

Yang Tian explained the situation in their language. Once he learnt what was done, Chubby started searching with his hands. “I was wondering how they could find us every time.”

Xiaoji: “We can’t let them get away for that. We need to get back at them!”

Yang Tian, Xiaoji and Chubby: “Gulibalilouwa!”

Yang Tian searched the surroundings. “Big Bro, have you been here before?”

“I have.” Yang Ba remembered the place as if he was there yesterday. He escaped to the place using Great Void Token when an overwhelming creature hunted him. Having almost lost his life last time, he informed, “There’s a powerful demon residing two and a half kilometres east from here.”

Ten minutes after the four sped off toward the place Yang Ba spoke off, Li Clan’s trio appeared. They thought they had locked on to Yang Tian’s group, but the group already left. “Damn it! How did they find the tracker so soon?!”

Li Long: “Clan Elder, they could only have moved a few kilometres at best. I think we best split up and search; that’d cut off their escape options.”

Li Cheng glared at Li Long out the corner of his eye and scoffed. Although Li Long was wounded severely and suffered an underlying condition, he was responsible for Li Xuan’s death to an extent. Li Long jerked back in response. He didn’t dare to argue after his implied demotion.

Another elder knew Li Cheng’s method would take ages. Hence, he suggested, “Clan Elder, Li Long’s idea is not bad. How about we…”

“All right, then. You two guard two sides. I’ll go take a look.” Li Cheng took off.


Yang Tian’s group rushed to the lush summit that vines wreathed around. Yang Tian found it hard to believe a powerful Mutated Beast resided in such a picturesque place.

Yang Ba waved his hand to signal for them to keep their noise down. They weren’t at the peak, but they slowed down for they could sense the aggression.

They could see qi and blood at the peak. The group exchanged eye contact and smiled. They suppressed their auras and vigilantly charged up the mountain. They took cover in shrubs.

In front was a spacious rocky area with footprints several metres deep. There was a massive leg covered in golden fur. The golden lion was roughly three hundred and thirty-three metres tall. Its entire body was golden. Its snore was as loud as stifled thunderclap.

Chubby: “It would be so good for our body if we roasted it to eat.”

Yang Ba didn’t understand what chubby said, but he didn’t think it was anything wise.

Xiaoji pointed out, “It’s a mother. See her kid?!”

Golden divine lions were ideal steeds, especially when traversing the domain outside this one.

Voice muffled, Yang Tian cried, “There’s a cave behind it.”

Yang Ba: “There are two eggs about to hatch inside as well as several treasures. The lion is strong. Nevertheless, it’s in a weakened state at the moment, so we can take it.”

Tone deriding to degree, Yang Tian stated, “Let’s not waste any more time. They’re coming, and I can’t let them see through my disguise. It’s on you.” Yang Tian nudged Chubby for him to start. Seeing Chubby’s jadeite formation disc with runes and text, Yang Tian’s eyes lit up.

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