Almighty – Ch. 327

Desolate Domain’s Youngsters

The sun’s light couldn’t reach inside Primitive Forest. Thunderclap came from a dark trembling cave. The beasts’ roars suddenly stopped. The area in front of it twisted as energy gathered to open a dimensional passageway. A large beast stepped out from the cavern.

A bloodstained bone emerged from the door that just opened and stabbed the beast, breaking its bones and puncturing a blood hole in it.

Yang Tian’s group appeared from the door. The slain beast was on par with him in terms of physical and soul might. Chubby flipped the beast over and collected a few drops of blood and essence from it in a canister.

Yang Ba and Yang Tian looked at each other, shocked. It was the extraction method Yang Tian first saw when he entered the forest. Yang Tian didn’t think the duo set up the formations in the valley.

Xiaoji and Chubby’s gazes landed on Yang Ba’s Great Void Token in his hand. “That’s pretty nice!”

Yang Xiao ordered, “Ask them if they came from Desolate Domain.”

“Bro, do you know how to go back?” Chubby inquired. “We’ve been here for months now. Those three beasts nearly got us.”

“Uh…” Yang Tian scratched his head. “Truth be told, I don’t know how to reach Desolate Domain, either. By the way, how did you get out?”

“Don’t remind me,” answered Chubby, sighing and tossing his bone onto the ground miserably. The bone left a hole in the ground when it landed. “The two of us went out to train when we suddenly ended up in a dimensional vortex that bought us here. Those three were already chasing us around before we wrapped our heads around anything. Talk about being unlucky!”

Angered and baffled, Xiaoji fumed, “This place’s energy is awfully weak, and those humanoid creatures’ cultivation method is bizarre; their bodies are fragile. If they don’t use the mysterious energy inside them, forget folding them, I could murder them with one slap!”

Yang Xiao never knew of anyone who left Desolate Domain, though he had gone there before. He wondered if misfortune befell the place.

The two from Desolate Domain were angry, but they wanted to capture the three humanoids to take back for research purposes.

Chubby spat as he spoke and scratched his head. Yang Ba didn’t understand a single word despite picking up on the occasional tone or two. Soon, Desolate Domain’s duo were astonished to learn the place they found themselves was an evolved version of the primordial era’s world of cultivation, and the change in energy was what led to the lack of cultivation resources.

Finally comprehending the status quo, Xiaoji remarked, “No wonder why their energy was so strange.”

Understanding only a portion, Chubby muttered, “I did hear people entered Desolate Domain every millennium.”

Xiaoji waved his fist.

Yang Tian nodded. The energies were very similar; they just used different means to the same end.

Yang Xiao shakily said, “Ask if they know Yang Battle Clan.”

Yang Tian wondered if Yang Xiao was referring to Yang Clan that survived the primordial era. He took in a deep breath and asked, “Are members of Yang Clan still around at Desolate Domain?”

“Yang Battle Clan?” Chubby stood up and scratched his head. “The name sounds familiar… Battle Clan… We recognise the name, but that’s the extent of our knowledge.”

Yang Xiao was gutted. He was worried Yang Battle Clan ran into trouble just as Central State’s Yang Clan. Yang Xiao visited unparalleled Yang Battle Clan before. “Just what happened?!”

“Yang Tian, is Yang Battle Clan your clan?” inquired Xiaoji, reluctant to ask. “It’s normal for us not to know as we’d never finish visiting all of the places in Desolate Domain, let alone the countless domains.”

Xiaoji’s statement made Yang Tian feel better.

While he was thinking, Yang Ba exclaimed, “How did the three old geezers get here?”

“What?!” exclaimed Yang Tian, peering into the distance behind him and picking up on the three energy signals.

“Let’s go!” advised Yang Ba, activating Great Void Token again.

Li Clan’s elders were absolutely furious the four got away right before their eyes again. The item was able to open dimensions far too quickly. They couldn’t understand how they were detected so soon. They were unaware the four possessed divine souls far beyond their estimations. Still, he’d rather chase down Yang Tian until the latter died of exhaustion than quit.

Li Cheng brayed, “Let’s keep going after them. Let’s see how long they can run for!”

Yang Tian’s group exited the dimension to reach another void. Yang Tian scanned Desolate Domain’s duo for he suspected the enemy planted a tracking technique on the duo.

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