Almighty – Ch. 323

The Golden-Winged Dapeng Emerges!

Yang Tian looked around to see the place he was at stood out unlike the rest of the green forest. Before he could move on, the desolate mountain crackled as though something moved about inside, making him shiver.

The beasts of the forest almost ripped Yang Tian apart during his recent three months of cultivation. Thanks to those days, his control over his aura stabilised considerably. He once took a break underneath a tree. Only for it to turn out to be an ancient tree spirit that captured him. He had to utilise Black Devil’s ability to cut the branches and escape his brush with death.

The desolate mountain three kilometres tall suddenly split in an instant. Given the situation, Yang Tian fled as fast as his legs could take him. Rocks and stones rained down. Neighbouring mountains collapsed.

The crimson monster had four sharp, scaly, shiny scales over a hundred metres long. Yang Tian couldn’t put a name on the monster, but he knew it was in his best interest to keep running.

The monster scratched the landscape, leaving trails of its claws as it chased Yang Tian.

Yang Tian pulled Black Devil off his back. He mustered up qi and blood for a speed boost, travelling over three hundred metres and leaving a phantom. The monster fired a black ray from its bloody mouth, blowing Yang Tian’s phantom to smithereens. Whisking black smoke and holes were left in the ray’s tracks.

Yang Tian gathered crimson energy to his hand for a large-scale technique, door summoning. Amplifying the crimson energy in his hand, he shouted, “Instant Thousand Mile Grand Art!” generating a door in the void for him to skedaddle through.

The monster’s beam hit the crimson door and cracked it. Fortunately, the door made a quick exit from the battlefield. Enraged, the crimson monster roared, revealing its devil voice.

A beast cawed in the void. Before the crimson monster could react, the beast snatched the crimson beast in its grasp. The crimson beast crushed the beast in one attack. And that was Primitive Forest’s nature – bloody.

Yang Tian’s crimson door landed in a mountain range thirty kilometres or so away. Having suffered a chest wound, he gnashed his teeth. He picked up on the sound of running water. Spiritual herbs surrounded the dale of vital essence.

“I guess this is my silver lining.”

Yang Tian went to the centre and fixed his eyes on the rare formation up ahead. Curious, he lunged over to inspect it. His guess was right; the formation was capable of collecting vital essence. Up until now, he hadn’t heard of another formation capable of doing so.

Yang Xiao made an appearance to check out the various formations. Interest piqued, he went inside. Yang Tian spotted decoction dregs. They resembled Yang Xiao’s greatly. Yang Xiao also found them strange; he could tell they were refined using Mutated Beasts’ Blood and Essence.

Yang Xiao: “Since you’ve found this ancient formula, someone else might have one, too. They’re not particularly secretive.”

“I just do not know if this place is without an owner or not.”

Yang Tian sat down and entered Ancestral Dragon Ring after surveying the area Eyes bright, the phantasmal sun and moon solidified some more after sun and moon essence collected inside the sun and moon in his eyes. The moonlight shone onto him, healing his wounds. He focused on cultivating.

The millstone-sized egg glowed, giving off the image of it encased in mist. Xiaobai, sleeping atop the egg, slept over a dozen times over three months. The sarcomas on his back grew a tad. The energy in him woke a lot faster than before.

The egg suddenly expelled ancient qi. The infant woke up and knocked on its egg.

Yang Xiao beamed.  He had never witnessed a Divine Beast’s birth before. The expected moment three months ago had arrived.

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