Almighty – Ch. 322

Formation Disc

Yang Tian was an expert in concealment techniques. At least, Almighty Realm adepts couldn’t see through him. He also possessed incredible brute force. Xiaoji happened to fit the criteria perfectly. Hence, Li Cheng quietly asked, “You’re Yang Tian, aren’t you?”

Li Long vengefully glared at the two opposite him.

Xiaoji and Chubby exchanged eye contact. Neither had a clue what the elder was on about. Still, they were vigilant of the three when the three’s killing intent was so apparent and intense.

Chubby scratched his head vigorously as Xiaoji did. “Gululaha…”

The elders didn’t understand a single utterance. Their use of tones was similar to language on the continent in addition to rolling off the tongue nicely.

Chubby touched his body, wondering if Li Cheng was gay since the latter kept staring at him.

Li Cheng then shifted his gaze to the skeleton. Chubby and Xiaoji switched to a more aggressive demeanour since they didn’t to let the old man take their skeleton.

Li Cheng also took a liking to Xiaoji’s pearls bracelet containing immense energy worth a small world. He pondered how come he couldn’t see through “Yang Tian’s” concealment technique.

“Let’s go!” urged Xiaoji.

Xiaoji epically summoned a scroll that separated the two teams. A Mutated Beast leapt out. Chubby quickly pulled out a palm-sized disc from out of nowhere in the moment the three elders were dealing with their surprise. Silver text was interwoven inside the entire formation disc.

Chubby placed the jade disc imitation on the ground. When the blinding light lit up, he grabbed Xiaoji, and the two jumped into the light. The formation painting discharged a qi breaker, while the segregation scroll’s aura died down. The now ordinary scroll dropped to the ground.

“We fell for it!” Li Cheng walked up to the light still shining and threw a palm attack into it, decimating the space hundreds of square metres large.

“Yang Tian, I’m coming for you!” bellowed Li Long, punching the void in front and enhancing it with divine might.

Li Cheng finally noticed the shattered jade disc on the ground. He picked it up to scrutinise. An elder behind him recognised it was a formation disc.


Unlike the outer perimeter of the domain, over one and a half kilometres deeper in was an endless mountain range that wasn’t quiet. Menacing Mutated Beasts roamed the vicinity. It wasn’t Primitive Forest’s interior, but it was close.

The dappled moonlight accompanied the trees and shrubs. The presence of the beasts didn’t take away from the forest’s elegance. A cold breeze blew, rustling the leaves.

Boom! Yang Tian abruptly stopped in his tracks. A beast in the form of a wolf with black scales appeared. He withdrew his qi and blood back into his body. Black Devil on his back made his footsteps heavy. At the same time, the beast was afraid of the sword’s aura. Before the beast could react, he stomped mud up and propelled himself similarly to an arrow off a bowstring. Boom! He ran his fist straight through the beast’s head.

Yang Tian consumed a moonlight pill, then picked up Black Devil and continued on. He was akin to a ghost in the night, treading his path of cultivation.

Yang Tian refined his body using elixir pills at intervals.

Yang Tian was irate with the fact that he needed an infinite supply of lightning tribulations to refine his body as Heavens Conqueror Manual relied on lightning to refine one’s body. He had a suspicion the manual was two cultivation methods combined into one. He had only gone through three lightning tribulations, yet the cultivation method required him to refine a lightning body and even a lightning god body.

Requiring lots of lightning meant he needed some particular items to refine a lightning pool to cultivate in. The unfortunate news was he had yet to hear of any clan possessing lightning pools. Put another way, Heavens Conqueror Manual stalled his progress in terms of his body’s progress. Although he progressed from Transcendence Realm already, he refined his body using elixir pills at intervals, consumed dragon elephant divine pill and had Dragon Elephant Sutra for body refinement. For that reason, he hunted Mutated Beasts in Primitive Forest daily, so he lived bloody days.


Thanks to Yang Tian supplying the infant golden-winged dapeng with his qi and blood daily, it was ready to hatch a month later. The dapeng was already familiar with his aura and was intimate with him.

Yang Tian had broken through several layers. Nevertheless, he was still far from achieving Yang Xiao’s five hundred tonnes of might requirement. He also still couldn’t approach the jade containers the stone statue guarded. His daily training elevated his divine soul to the next level. The seven whirlpool vital points on his divine soul increased in magnitude. He almost reached Soul Tempering middle phase. Additionally, he continued researching Soul Destruction Seal.

The grass on the mountain was dead. Stones and rocks were placed randomly. Yang Tian could detect a life form.

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