Almighty – Ch. 324

Insane Change

Friction sounds came from the millstone-sized egg and echoed in the misty void. The infant golden-winged dapeng’s life force grew as it scratched its egg. Xiaobai blinked as he watched. Confused, he examined the egg. Catching on, he hooted excitedly and rolled off the top.  As a Heaven Devouring Divine Beast, Xiaobai had a communication link with the golden-winged dapeng, which they used before the dapeng hatched.

Yang Tian watched the egg shake with a smile.

Yang Xiao: “Hurry and assist it with your qi and blood. It was hurt once in the past and may have been saved, but it’s not at its peak.”

Yang Tian summoned crimson energy to his hand. He sent the qi and blood ball into the egg to provide supplemental energy. It took a long time for cracks to finally appear. Light spurt from within. He shut his eyes.

Xiaobai wagged his tail. His golden fur’s mysterious energy stirred as he discharged energy, surprising Yang Xiao. Yang Xiao looked at the golden fur and praised, “They must have some direct relationship. He activated qi and blood energy, which means their growth will be good.”

The cracks increased in size. Yang Tian faintly saw a green claw scratching on the egg. A cry accompanied rays of light. A jade claw reached outside. The infant exited the egg. It was nephrite jade in colour. It was an infant, yet it was seven to eight heads taller than Xiaobai. It began crying as soon as it exited its egg. Its glowing appearance was valiant. It checked out the people behind in high spirits. The infant flapped its wings and intimately hooted at Yang Tian, eyes seemingly speaking at the same time.

Yang Tian smiled from cheek to cheek. He scrubbed the dapeng’s head and recalled its ferocious mind that could put Autarch Realm adepts to rest for eternity.

Xiaobai, who only came up to the dapeng’s leg, cheerfully approached it. The dapeng spoke back. The two were relatively close. The dapeng rested its head on Xiaobai’s body.

Eager for what the future held, Yang Tian exclaimed, “Uncle Xiao, how strong will the dapeng be once it grows up?!”

“Don’t worry about that for now. The two of them are gluttons. I doubt primordial era clans could afford to feed them, hahaha.”

“Haha, true. Lucky I obtained a lot of pills, or I’d be in trouble.”

The small divine herb skipped over. She looked at the dapeng from afar since his aura was too intimidating for her.

Yang Tian named the dapeng Xiaoqing and played with it.

The dapeng demonstrated its daunting appetite over the course of the next few days inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. Xiaobai and Xiaoqing were different in terms of spiritual herbs consumption, however. Xiaobai was called Heaven and Earth Devourer since he ate everything. Xiaoqing was the fastest in the world.

Yang Tian’s body grew stronger over the next month, having undergone another change and reached High-Level True Dragon. Additionally, that meant he was closer to acquiring five hundred tonnes of might.  He managed to rip a strong Mutated Beast in one go with his bare hands. With that said, he still wasn’t tough enough to grab the jade container.

Yang Ba continued training, albeit on a different route to Yang Tian.

The stone statue dialled its test’s intensity up or down according to one’s cultivation level. So accordingly, Yang Tian needed to reach five hundred tonnes of might at all costs to obtain the remaining two containers. His intuition told him he had to obtain the two.

Mountains and rivers in the valley imploded. Yang Tian swiftly climbed to the top of a three kilometre waterfall up ahead. A boulder suddenly rolled off the top. He carefully observed the boulder and moved deftly without letting Black Devil slow him down. Like a dapeng taking to the sky, he utilised Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps to move in similar motions to Xiaoqing, leaving an after image.

Yang Tian parted the waterfall with his energy focused on one spot similarly to a spear tip and shattered the boulder. Unfortunately for him, that was only the beginning. Yang Ba, who was above the waterfall, performing a twist in the air, picked up a boulder and hurled it down. Using Dragon Elephant Deification, his meditation sound busted mountains apart.

Hand bloody, Yang Tian continued circulating qi and blood to heal it. Like a lightning bolt, he leapt up to the top of the water, crushing the rocks he used as a launch pad. He quickly brought his heart rate down. He paused all movement for a tick then howled. His True Dragon emerged and howled alongside him. He shouted all of his pent up emotions out. He felt he was getting closer and closer to his goal. The mighty Mutated Beasts around gazed in his direction, but they ran instead of looking for long.

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