Almighty – Ch. 321

Identity Revealed

The energy whirlpool in the river of stars spawned a corporeal river of stars. Yang Tian howled trees sideways. The star light collected in the river. Primitive Forest quaked until the landscape split. Pill City’s residents never heard of an ancient star domain. Hence, its ancient aura woke them. Some in seclusion made an appearance due to the paranormal activity.

Yang Tian was a suspect. The star quirk was unlike any before.

Three mighty elders donning white clothing were in the void out front Pill City.

“Clan Elder. Could Yang Tian be behind it?!”

Clan Elder was the leader of the three. Though he looked ill, he could absorb vast amounts of vital essence.

Considering their clan elder was unable to summon stars from outside the domain, another elder remarked, “That sounds outlandish, Brother Li Long…”

“Let’s go find out.” said Clan Elder, bounding thirty-three kilometres in one leap right after he spoke.

Li Long was still bitter about Yang Xiao beating his cultivation back to second layer, which caused him to be an embarrassment back home.

Li Clan wasn’t the only faction headed toward the location of the paranormal activity.

Only a corner of the ancient star domain had actually entered the domain Yang Tian was in. If the entire domain entered, the domain he was in would probably have sunk. He howled as he churned up qi and blood, interweaving divine markings. The two great stars released several phantasmal stars! Every black hole in the whirlpool emitted star light.

Dubhe Divine Sword, which was perked up on a mysterious star, vibrated as it absorbed vital essence.

The turbulence lasted for a minute before the descending stars from the foreign domain showed signs of departing.

“Alkaid, activate!” belted Yang Tian.

The last star was the hardest to open. Dubhe and Merak stars unleashed their divine might to try and break heaven and earth’s shackles, but it took a long.

The shaking intensified enough to crack mountains. Chaos Physique stepped into the river of stars.

The three elders at the rear who saw Chaos Physique were elated. “Chaos Physique. It’s Yang Tian!”

“We’ve finally cornered you.” Li Cheng blasted the void open with an eye beam. Li Cheng, one of Li Clan’s branch elders, had almost reached Half-Step Autarch Realm. He was Li Hongtao’s direct ancestor. His age was in the thousands of decades.  “Let’s go!”

Chaos Physique utilised the nameless boxing style. The booming punch shook the star whirlpool. Heaven and earth’s shackles quickly receded; however, the star domain was almost gone. Lightning suddenly pierced the void to gather on Chaos Physique’s hand and gradually remould into a fist. Yang Tian immediately had Chaos Physique launch the thunderous punch at the Alkaid’s shackles.

The seven stars blasted a qi breaker in unison, covering the entire void. Among Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, Alkai, five were in phantom forms, but their ability was sensational. Chaos Physique, which was inside, swiped through the river of stars similarly to a wave that took a mountain away, leaving just dust.

Yang Xiao looked up ahead and furrowed his eyebrows. “Stop. People are coming. Let’s go!” Yang Xiao summoned Great Void Token, bringing out purple lights. A dimensional door slowly opened and the Yang trio quickly entered. During the warp, the area they left resembled two beasts running wild.

The chubby young man scratched his head roughly as he surveyed the surroundings with his lips curled.

Xiaoji softly informed, “A couple of dangerous and hostile old men are coming.”

Li Cheng hostilely scanned the two. He ignored the chubby individual and focused on Xiaoji’s radiating white body. He looked savage when he sensed Xiaoji’s qi and blood.

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