Almighty – Ch. 320

Refining Seven Stars

Yang Tian sat unmoving for three days inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. Stars shone in his body. Crimson light sat on his forehead. His body rumbled the same way as muffled thunderclap. Vital essence sprayed. Opening his eyes revealed two star rivers in them. The illusory, yet real, dormant star rivers woke from their slumber. Star energy gushed. Quirks appeared. Dubhe Divine Sword shined. Merak Star absorbed star energy. Excited, Yang Tian nodded because he was done.

Macrocosmic Star Scroll’s energy came from the seven stars. Once developed enough, the quirk could borrow energy from Big Dipper to power weapons refined using the seven divine materials.

When Yang Tian condensed a second weapon, Star Formation Painting would be able to utilise its divine might. His Chaos Physique would also upgrade rapidly.

The Yang brothers ran to the summit of a tall mountain late at night. Yang Ba used his meditation sound to protect himself. Yang Tian, who sat on a boulder, possessed quirks strong enough to cause them trouble. Yang Tian waited until the stars shone brightest to open his eyes.

Star light covered Yang Tian once it shone. The stars in the firmament shone bright when he spawned his quirk. After commanding his quirk to “go”, the star river around him rushed to the sky similarly to a star river painting sweeping through.

“Seven stars, I summon you, Merak Star!” Yang Tian cried loud as he could.

A trembling star domain spawned in the sky and absorbed Merak Star around. Next, it fired a vertical silver beam. The star river that descended resembled a rainstorm. Stars in the sky looked as though they’d fall. Merak Star absorbed the other stars’ lights. Its rapid flashes generated an energy whirlpool in the void. Merak Star clanged, consolidating its phantasmal form and resulting in a rumble.

Merak Star unleashed its divine might and rushed out of the domain. Inside and outside said distant domain, Yang Tian’s Star Scroll resonated. An ancient star domain descended in the sky. As a result, the entire area was bathed in silver light. Accompanying it was a force that sent tremors all the way to the outer perimeter of Primitive Forest.


The heaven and earth vital essence at an unknown valley far off was relatively potent.  Plenty of precious spiritual herbs grew there. A formation at the centre of the mysterious place increased the heaven and earth vital essence’s potency.

Dead centre was two glowing cauldrons manifesting formation scrolls. The Mutated Beasts depicted on the scroll looked lifelike. There were several drops of honeydew on the furnace. Someone was cultivating within the two extraordinary cauldrons. Loud clanging came from inside the cauldron. The lid began to wriggle, and then a blast of energy knocked the lid off, releasing a light from within. The void transformed into a quirk. Two individuals landed on the ground of the colourful void.

The two with markings coiling around them were so mighty they generated ear-splitting booms. The chubby individual peered toward the energy pillar. “Xiaoji, who triggered the domain exterior’s ancient star domain? They’re condensing a star quirk!”

Xiaoji, owner of the eyes as bright as stars, emitted a divine light from his body intermittently. That signalled he possessed a lot of brute strength. “No clue. We haven’t seen anyone. The star domain is extraordinary and ancient. I don’t think it’s just any other star domain.”

“Let’s go see. We might be able to find our way back.”


The ancient star domain originated from another domain.

“Don’t be nervous. Star Illuminates the Blue Sky is among the strongest quirks in ancient times, so it’s perfectly normal for it to be able to usher in a star domain from outside the domain. Hurry up and absorb the energy. The star domain won’t remain for long!” reprimanded Yang Xiao, laughing at the sight of Yang Tian’s dumbfounded expression. “Use the opportunity to start the star’s phantom.”

“All right.”

Yang Tian sent his star quirk into the star domain and began absorbing its energy. Dubhe Divine Sword twanged and flew into the ancient star domain. It absorbed the stars’ energy to temper itself. Cloud and star mother essence, a treasure outside the domain, absorbed plenty of the star energy.

While Dubhe Divine Sword was unbelievably robust, its ability still lacked severely. It needed a lot of tempering, and it finally found its opportunity.

The river of stars expanded. Every star shone brighter. Yang Tian slowly got up and yelled, “I summon you, Phecda!”

Two bright stars from the river of stars landed beside Yang Tian.

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