Almighty – Ch. 275


Yang Tian had a brief silent moment for himself prior to saluting the elder. “Thank you for helping me, Elder. I shall never forget your generosity.”

“Haha, don’t worry about it, Child. Your Bloodline is very impressive. Your ancestors must’ve been quite the adepts.”

“Elder, I am not too informed of my clan’s history. My clan faced extermination when I was young.”

“I see. Your body’s potential is excellent. Transcendence Realm is an integral step to your quest to the top. Do not hastily ascend.”

Yang Xiao stressed the same thing. Yang Tian’s body’s development slowed to a crawl due to the difficulty of progressing. Furthermore, Yang Xiao was asleep. Without anyone guiding him, he hadn’t cultivated since. With Valley Elder helping him, he could acquire some useful information that would expedite his progress. “Thank you for the reminder, Elder. May I trouble you to provide pointers?”

“Humans emerged in the primordial era. The ancient texts haven’t recorded it in much detail, so my first comment is only a conjecture. The world outside the domains is unfathomable; Sun Continent is only a corner of said domain.

“During the primordial era, humans cultivated their body and soul. Nobody found the limit. Therefore, we can say human potential is infinite. Perhaps your ancestors were among those adepts. It would explain their profound comprehension and knowledge. Humanity was closest to the demon race. Some Mutated Beasts were able to crumble mountains with their bare hands back then.

“The demon beasts developed slowly. In the meantime, humanity was blessed with nature’s resources, allowing them to grow at an exponential rate. The prerequisite to that rapid progress was leveraging treasures to temper. Your body may be tough, and I doubt anybody in your age bracket on Eastern Continent could rival you in that aspect, but nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate those on the continent. The humans I met in the primitive era were eons more developed than yours.

“After changes took place over time, things went extinct. Humanity’s bodies gradually weakened accordingly. When they were at their weakest, a genius formulated a pill formula that used Demon Beasts’ blood and essence to compensate for the lack of herbs.

“When I travelled Desolate Domain, a primitive world where humans had a one in ten chance of survival, I crossed an ancient place. Sadly, I was too old to do anything by then.”

“Elder, may I ask what Desolate Domain is?”

“Haha, I can tell you. Desolate Domain is what they refer to as Northern Continent. Many Primordial Beasts reside there; Divine Beasts have also been noted to have appeared. That is where outstanding talent is fostered. However, it is only accessible once every millennium. It’s not long before it opens again. You must have your own secrets to have some so far. Child, I want to conduct a trade with you.”

“Please speak your mind, Elder. As long as it is within the realm of my capabilities, I shall agree.”

“… I mentioned I obtained a pill formula from Desolate Domain. I wish to exchange this pill formula for a promise from you. The next time Desolate Domain is open is around the corner. If you are skilled enough to throw your weight around against the primordial era clans, then I hope you can join me on a trip there.”

With the smile of a man in a dilemma, Yang Tian scratched his head. “Valley Elder, are you so sure I can help you?  My cultivation is too weak at the moment. If I improve, then mayb-”

“One can only rely on brute strength at Desolate Domain. Regardless of how advanced your cultivation is, it’s absolutely useless there. I’ve looked for someone all these years; you’re the only suitable one, though. That’s why I’m shamelessly asking you for the favour.”

Promises aside, every cultivator should go there.

“If I can make it as you say, I shall definitely go!”

“Hahaha, great!”

The elder revealed a golden pill formula in his hand. Yang Tian sensed a familiar, yet foreign, aura. He suddenly recalled the fragmented map possessed a similar aura. Yang Tian accepted the formula. The formula glowed and pricked his hands as if he was holding a sheet of nails. The fact that it could inflict a bloody wound indicated it was a potent formula. He counteracted it by summoning lightning to his hand. Merely glimpsing at the text for a short while ached his eyes so much he thought they’d bleed.

The ancient golden text on the two-hands-sized formula was left behind from the primordial era. He was glad Yang Xiao taught him how to read ancient text. It took him two hours to read through a mere ten thousand characters.

There were three different formulas on there, namely: Human, Golden and Celestial. Human Rank was the weakest; Celestial Rank was the strongest! Human Rank required a Mutated Beast’s Bloodline. Celestial Rank required a Divine Beast’s qi and blood for its main ingredients.

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