Almighty – Ch. 274

Bloodline Activation

Yang Tian clutched the back of the elder’s arm as soon as he was aware of what took place. When the elder imposed a downward force, Yang Tian felt as though a mountain was dropped on his head. Contract his muscles as hard as he could, the elder still completely overpowered him, bending his arm and erasing the light.

“Child, is this all you have? Don’t be scared. This old one harbours no ill will. Reveal your true potential”!

Yang Tian’s heart skipped a beat.

“Don’t worry about a thing. I know you’re Yang Tian. I merely want to see how powerful the one who caused so much turbulence on Eastern Continent is.”

Thrilled, Yang Tian powered up.

“Hahaha, I guess you need to be put under pressure!” The elder pushed down.

Yang Tian curled up and grunted as the immense pressure shoved down on him. He stomped, churning up qi and blood to straighten his glowing body back up!

“Don’t use your qi and blood. Use your brute strength. A strong body is integral to becoming strong!”

Yang Tian calmed his qi and blood. His pure body glowed as he resisted with every ounce of strength he could muster. Alas, his best wasn’t enough.

“Stop holding back! Give me everything you have!”

Deeming it was a chance for him to grow, Yang Tian began to howl. Lightning coiled around his body, amplifying his strength several folds in an instant.

“Not bad, tempering with lightning… But not enough. You’re still too weak. Give me more!” The elder summoned a mountain above Yang Tian and brought it down.

Yang Tian began to bleed from his pores as the pressure built up. A will landed penetrated Yang Tian’s body and tried to tear apart his own determination. “Hargh!”  Yang Tian called on his Invincible Will, transforming him in an instant. Like a sharp blade, his Invincible Will sliced the beast rampaging inside him.

The elder nodded in approval, then summoned another hideous large beast.

Yang Tian used more of his Invincible Will to amplify his aura. Lightning flashed in his eyes. His muscles boomed as they contracted as he pushed his body to its limit.

“Your body formed a quirk? Not bad. Not bad.”

The beast inside Yang Tian’s will’s dimension unleashed its aura. He attacked the beast with his sword formed from his Invincible Will. Notwithstanding the blood pouring from his nose and mouth, he kept pushing his limits further while grunting. Eventually, he sprayed a mouthful of blood, yet he maintained his intense aura.

Yang Tian’s small purple dragon inside him roared and turned him purple. His purple dragon crushed the elder’s beast in the dimension. He bled profusely from every pore, yet he kept his smile. The pressure helped to strengthen his Invincible Will after forcing his Bloodline to activate.

The elder stopped emitting pressure. He had never seen such a powerful Bloodline before despite him being a dominant adept.

Yang Tian panted heavily. His muscles gradually relaxed. It was a great opportunity, but it was a precarious one. He was a step away from having his will dimension sundered. If one’s will is terminated, it would be impossible to ascend to higher realms. Some could kill another solely using their will.

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