Almighty – Ch. 276

Pill Flame Domain Opens

Frankly, it was a burden to carry the formula that required ingredients barely anyone on Eastern Continent would even possess. The majority of those who fought for it were dead, and there was no telling when the next owner would perish. The catch was not everyone could handle the formula, especially the Celestial Rank herb bath – divine bodies weren’t an exception.

“Indeed, the blood and essence required is absurd. Nevertheless, the results are fantastic. I heard the biggest clans at Desolate Domain all need to take part in the herb bath baptism. Even the Human Rank pill’s dips require incredible blood and essence…”

Shengguan Hao and company chatted outside for six hours whilst waiting for Yang Tian. Dan Zong was worried something happened, and Pill Flame Domain was scheduled to open soon. None of them associated with Tian Xin, leaving him to talk to himself.

When Pill Valley had their hands tied, Yang Tian appeared before them, subsequently relieving them.

Looking as though a weight was lifted off his shoulders, Tian Xin sneered. “Welcome back, diva, making all of us wait for you.”

Yang Tian: “Stand there if you don’t want a beating.”

Vexed, Tian Xin ended it with a snort.

“Next, we will enter Pill Flame Domain. There are pill flames ancient adepts left behind. Bear in mind not to try and take any by force, or you will die,” stated Dan Zong.

The group headed to Pill Flame Domain with envious disciples watching them.

Dan Chen’s curiosity finally got the best of him during the walk. “Meng Tian, what did Elder Gu keep you for?”

Elder Gu had been at Pill Valley for decades but rarely interacted with outsiders. At most, he just went for strolls at the primitive forest. Elder Dan only saw Elder Gu fight for the first time a few days ago.

“Oh, Elder Gu wanted to take me in as his disciple.”

Yang Tian didn’t know Elder Gu actually had that in mind and only did away with the idea after Yang Tian activated his Bloodline. Dan Zong, not knowing any better, nearly tripped, puzzling others.

Dan Xiaoxiao was upset Elder Gu wasn’t affectionate with her despite her being the owner of a divine body. He never asked anyone to stay in over a decade he had resided there. Dan Zong was slightly annoyed Elder Gu didn’t take Dan Xiaoxiao as his disciple when she owned a divine body.

“He wanted to take you in as his disciple? Did you agree?”

“No, I turned him down.”

“Wh-why did you refuse?”

“Is he someone I should care about?” asked Yang Tian, feigning bafflement.

From resources to guidance, there was no reason to refuse the offer. In addition, Yang Tian would’ve been able to forge a friendship with Pill Valley. Nobody would dare to offend him, either.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at a series of mountains, where it was blistering hot enough to turn mountains red. The group went over to the unmovable energy pillar. Yang Tian didn’t see any traces of the elder from yesterday.

“This is Pill Flame Domain’s entrance. Once you enter, you will be teleported to a dimension. Do not provoke the sentient pill flames at any cost. Nobody can ensure your safety, otherwise,” advised Dan Zong, wanting to avoid trouble if any of the disciples from the big clans died inside.

An antique, big red door spawned. The killing formations surrounding it didn’t pale in comparison to the ones at the outer perimeter of Fallen Devils’ Ground. The door gradually opened, revealing the scalding flames.

“Pill Flame Domain has opened. Enter now. Remember not to take any pill flame by force.”

The ten immediately raced into the void. The closer they got to the light, the hotter it was. Yang Tian utilised Heavens Conqueror Manual to absorb the energy around. Once he reached the interior, he came to a red passageway seeping intense heat. “I wonder if I could temper Dubhe Divine Sword in here.”

Yang Tian checked around to discover he was all alone. He had a short respite there prior to heading in.

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