Almighty – Ch. 273

Inconceivably Mighty Elder

Dan Xiaoxiao flapped her eyelids. “Hey, what are you all laughing about?”

“All right now, stop playing around,” interjected Dan Zong. Eyes on the stairs leading up, he instructed, “You two head up. Do not disturb Valley Elder’s cultivation.”

“Oh, understood,” responded Dan Xiaoxiao, before heading up the long staircase. On the way up, she merrily warned, “Handsome Brother, don’t speak thoughtlessly when we get there. Valley Grandpa’s temperament is unusual. He’ll throw you out.”

“Handsome Brother…?” Feeling glad to hear those words, Yang Tian smiled. “Got it. Don’t worry.”

Xiaoxiao pulled a funny face.

The two stepped into the light after they reached the top. There was an eye-catching purple sun above the suspended ochre palace. Dan Xiaoxiao discarded everything she was told to holler, “Grandpa Valley, I’m here!” She got away with it since she was treated preciously for her divine body

“Hahaha, lass, what did you yell so loudly for? You just disturbed my beautiful dream.”

Yang Tian was shocked the lifeless elder wearing black garments shook the palace with a thoughtless step.  Afraid the elder would throw Yang Tian out, Dan Xiaoxiao poked her head in between them and giggled. “Valley Elder, Handsome Brother’s name is Meng Tian. He got first play alongside me.”

Aware of Dan Xiaoxiao’s pill concoction abilities with her divine body, the elder voiced, “Oh, he drew with Xiaoxiao?”

With a palm- fist salute, Yang Tian conveyed, “Meng Tian sends his greetings, elder.”

“Meng Tian… Haha…”

Yang Tian: “Because this junior has many enemies, he cannot reveal his true appearance. Please pardon him.”

Dan Xiaoxiao: “Hey, you’re using a disguise?”

The elder shook his head. “Don’t worry. I didn’t intend to admonish you.”

“Thank for understanding.” Yang Tian straightened up.

Dan Xiaoxiao scanned Yang Tian using her energy futilely, unaware his back was soaked.

The elder waved his hand, summoning roughly ten jade shelves. “Choose your pill,” was all the elder said before shutting his eyes again, albeit showing no intention of leaving.

Not all of the pills were rank seven pills; there were also some rank six pills. All of them were made from Mutated Beasts’ blood and essence. Yang Tian was disappointed there wasn’t any pill for body tempering despite them being pills people would fight for. He deliberated for a brief moment, then picked up the hidden dragon pill, a mid-grade rank seven pill. There weren’t many others close to a rank eight pill. He didn’t dare to take one too high rank in case he aggravated the elder before him.

Once they were done, the elder looked at the vial in Yang Tian’s hand and nodded gently. “Xiaoxiao, head down first. I want to have a word with the young man.”

With a wave of his hand, the elder teleported Dan Xiaoxiao away.

Yang Tian speculated the elder was interested in the divine herb. Thing was, if the elder wanted to snatch the divine pill, it’d only take him a second to do so. There was no need for him to jump through so many hoops.

Soon enough, the elder slowly drifted over and landed on the ground then suddenly grabbed Yang Tian’s head in a blazing-fast motion.

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