Almighty – Ch. 272

Dragon-Shaped Divine Pill

Given that Dan Zong, who was an Almighty adept, was respectful to the individual inside, it spoke volumes as to how formidable the individual inside was.

A wave of incredible herb and pill scents gushed out from behind the door, raising anticipation for the pills to be found within. The thirty-three square kilometre palace interior was made from purple jade. Over a thousand purple jade shelves carrying purple vials were lined up.

Yang Tian headed forward and looked around, pretending he didn’t know Qin Zuying.

They were eager to see what was up the flight of stairs after seeing this particular floor.

Dan Zong explained, “This place is Pill Hall. Take the pills in accordance with your placing. Remember not to take extra. The consequences will be yours to bear, otherwise.”

Qin Zuying zipped off as fast as the wind. Qin Shi’s mouth twitched. Having grown up competing against the former, he knew Qin Zuying’s character very well.

There were, at least, over tens of thousands of rank three and above pills. Rank five pills took up two shelves. While there were a lot of pills, Pill Valley’s population surpassed the pill count. As such, their disciples would go through the pills within a matter of days.

Yang Tian picked up a battle king pill and headed upstairs right away.

From behind Yang Tian, Qin Shi called, “Meng Tian, are you the one who formed the Star Quirk?”

Yang Tian looked back. “May I ask what Star Quirk is? Have you got the wrong person?”

Qin Shi focused his gaze on Yang Tian. He still recalled doing his opponent a favour and experiencing death for the first time that day. Emitting a small amount of his aura, he confidently declared, “Whether it is you or not, I will defeat you!”

“Anytime,” replied Yang Tian, nodding with a chuckle.

Everyone soon finished grabbing their prize. Yang Tian and another two headed to the second floor with Dan Zong guiding them.

Tian Xin wickedly scanned Dan Xiaoxiao. He would’ve been able to ascend to the second floor if it wasn’t for her. He didn’t care about a rank six pill, but the glory was his – so he believed.

The second floor was gloomier in comparison to the second floor. Though there were charming lights, the floor reeked of bloodlust Yang Tian, for one, noticed menacing gazes locked on him as soon as he entered. A mist and pink light wreathed around the shelves up ahead, indicating potent pills were there. Dragons above absorbed the pink light.

Dan Chen clearly wasn’t satisfied. Dan Zong was irate in regards to his attitude.

Yang Tian lost interest quickly. The pills were precious but fairly useless to him. That was until his line of sight lined up with a small purple vial labelled “Dragon-elephant hybrid divine pill”. The pill supplemented one’s physical body; however, it required a dragon-elephant hybrid Mutated Beast’s blood and essence to lure it, which was incredibly unlikely to succeed. Dragon-Elephant Hybrids were a rare Mutated Beast race revered for their solid bodies. For that reason, their pills were ranked as high as rank six and comparable to ordinary rank seven pills.

Yang Tian: My body still carries transcendence pills contents. Big Brother’s physical body is too weak at the moment. How about taking this? It might give him a big boost.

A pair of vengeful eyes locked on to Yang Tian. Yang Tian reacted with a glare.

Yang Tian: I came for my damn prize. Do you have to be such misers, you damned old geezers?

Dan Chen saw the jade vial in Yang Tian’s hand. Yang Tian quickly flipped his hand over and put it away. Dan Chen chuckled. “Thought so. You’re a lucky guy.”

Dan Zong: I’m going to have a word with you old geezers. Why the hell would you not put away a dragon-elephant hybrid divine pill beforehand? Good going…

“Grandpa, what’s the matter? You seem a little glum. Are you not feeling well?” Dan Xiaoxiao was all smiles.

Dan Zong shifted his gaze to Dan Xiaoxiao and forced a chuckle. “I’m fine. I just didn’t feel too well just now.”

Yang Tian shrugged to show he didn’t deny his contribution.

Xiaoxiao pointed at her dimples. “Grandpa, why is your face twitching?”


*Dragon-Elephant Hybrid – In Buddhism, dragons are imagined to be a species strong in water, while elephants are strong on land. As such, they were used to describe mighty individuals. Nowadays, it’s a term often used to describe eminent monks.

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