Almighty – Ch. 271

The Curtain Closes

It’s said that gods’ descendants inherit divine bodies. Ancient records state that gods ruled the human race during the primordial era. Perhaps they were fierce beings. Ancient matters were shrouded in more mystery than could be explained, especially during the change in the ancient era, which buried many truths.

Divine bodies empowered a cultivator with the ability to restrain those on their level, robbing their opponent of an opportunity to even fight.

Yang Clan possessed an item on par with Ancestral Dragon Ring. Sadly, its whereabouts were unknown. Worse, it was the most important item for awakening one’s body’s nature.

Dan Xiaoxiao’s bright and hot divine glow swept through the area. She wasn’t a Battle King Realm cultivator, yet she intimidated some seniors with her aura.

Though gleeful, the elder with white hair grouched, “Old Dan, how could you hide Xiaoxiao’s divine body from me, her uncle? You’re shameless…”

Dan Zong grinned with a confused look. “The few people know the better. We’re only revealing it today out of necessity.”

Spectators cursed the defeated Tian Xin, while he glared at Dan Xiaoxiao. Alas, he was powerless. He then looked to his pill in his hand with a vexed gaze. Lots of its contents were spilled during the tussle, rendering his pill barely superior to a mid-grade rank four pill.

A divine flame burst into the bright zone with deafening volume. Lightning sealed the firmament. Destructive flames emerged, contorting two auras.

Old Dan: Subduing two powerful quirks, Lightning Source truly is powerful. Where did he get them from…?

Yang Tian kept Dan Chen and Shangguan Hao on their back feet. Not even the golden divine flames were a match. Shangguan Hao expended tonnes of energy. He finally concurred Dan Qu was right in his assessment of Yang Tian.

Sharing a cosmic moment, Shangguan Hao and Dan Chen gave each other a mutual nod. The two teamed up to unleash a mighty aura toward the sea of lightning quirk. Nonetheless, the sea of lightning suddenly boomed and flashed. A big tornado spawned inside the sea of lightning resembling dark clouds blocked out the sun. The all-out clash between the three alchemists generated booms and whistling gales as though it was another kind of battle. Splits eventually appeared in the sea of lightning, indicating it was going to implode.

“Are the two going to break through? The two combined cannot be underestimated.”

The duo’s brief moment of relaxation turned back to sternness before they could smile. They looked up to see a light illuminating behind Yang Tian following a dragon’s roar. A dragon apparition over three hundred metres long emerged from Yang Tian’s qi and blood river. As the dragon flashed its teeth and waved its claws around, vital essence roiled in the crimson sky. The fire-breathing dragon had a desire to charge into the sea of lightning.

Dragon Soars the Nine Heavens was a notch inferior to Sun, Moon, Mountain and River Quirk. Having said that, it didn’t pale in comparison to the duo’s quirks. Once it appeared, the two surrendered. They didn’t intend to get the short end of the stick for no rhyme or reason. Moreover, they were close to the secret realm, so they couldn’t risk an injury.

Dan Chen shrugged mischievously with his hands supinated, but he was as eager as always for a fight. “When we have time, we’ll have a proper fight. Your pill flame is too overwhelming. Let’s call it quits for now.”

“Dan Qu was right it seems. I’m not your match,” stated Shangguan Hao. “Still, we’ll fight again. I won’t resign myself until you beat me.”

“Haha, as you please, then,” replied Yang Tian.

Yang Tian respected the two’s character. Perhaps Tian Xin deserved some credit for it.

Pill Concoction Convention came to an end. Dan Zong entered the arena and collected the pills. The results were only a short while away.

Meng Hao felt defeated. Yang Tian and he were closely matched before but not anymore.

A middle-aged man glared at Dan Qu with his bronze eyes. “Who is he? That’s not his full power, is it?”

“How should I know…?” muttered Dan Qu.

Dan Wenshan, the middle-aged man who wielded the big golden bow, never revealed his true abilities before. Dan Clan from Central State once slew a great demon with a single arrow!

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