Almighty – Ch. 268

Lightning Strike

As an aura absorbed the vital essence abound, its Power gradually condensed as it spread.

Tian Xin’s lust surged when he caught a glimpse of Dan Xiaoxiao’s dimples. Being the type to have sensitive senses, she scrunched her nosel then looked over to Tian Xin once she noticed his gaze on her. She curled her lips and mumbled, “Disgusting.”

Tian Xin violently expressed a desire to kill Dan Xiaoxiao, locking his Power onto her. Dan Zong caught Tian Xin’s aggression, so he blasted his aura, letting the latter know he’d like to go down there and slaughter him. Though the elder next to Dan Zong noticed his reaction, he wasn’t the type who was good with expressing himself vocally. Hence, he just sighed.

Tian Xin snickered arrogantly. Dan Xiaoxiao scowled in response.

“Open!” commanded Tian Xin.

Tian Xin’s black furnace and the void around quaked. Its flame burst and headed toward Dan Xiaoxiao.

“Eject!” Dan Xiaoxiao released mysterious energy from her body and fired it toward her furnace. Her dark-blue furnace shook. The interior resembled a sky of stars. Over her head was a bright star pill that lighted up the area below.

A black pill absorbing vital essence wobbled as it levitated from his black flames.

While the furnace Dan Xiaoxiao used was among the top-ten furnaces at Pill Valley, Dan Xiaoxiao learnt to control it, garnering surprise from the elder with white hair.

Five alchemists engaged in a flame control contest, depleting the vital essence in the area rapidly. Converting pills to an attack technique demonstrated incredible pill refinement techniques. Howbeit, it came with a high risk of destroying their pill.

Qin Zuying’s pill overhead shone its light down.

Dan Xueyi’s pill was inside her blue light pillar. She fired rivers in all directions. The clash didn’t affect their pill absorption speed whatsoever. It all happened within an instant!

Dan Chen locked on to Yang Tian and released a golden divine flame from his furnace.

Yang Tian commanded, “Open” and clenched his fist slightly, opening his fire-red furnace. A three-hundred and thirty-three metre red light lit up the void as his furnace rumbled. Purple lightning escaped from his furnace and formed a sea of lightning.

The lightning distorted Dan Chen’s golden flames; he was a notch below Yang Tian. He couldn’t identify the lightning.

Seeing the rising jadeite pillar inside Yang Tian’s furnace, Dan Zong stroked his beard. “I thought it was a marrow cleansing pill. What an incredible young man.”

Smiling elder with white hair: “Indeed. Not even you were at his level when you were his age.”

Qin Zuyin and the other three were almost at their limits. They had to stop their contest if they didn’t want to lose their pills.

Shangguan Hao glanced over to the pill above Yang Tian out the corner of his eyes. Unable to resign himself to being inferior, he extended his furnace to three hundred and thirty-three metres tall. When the lid popped off, the bright light forced people to cover their eyes, which was when a sun and moon exited spinning! The noise, the mutual protection, the mountain rising, the shaking environment – epic!

The Inheritance Xing Hao received changed a lot of qi, and he received the ancient quirk: Sun, Moon, Mountain and River Quirk. Although his quirk was inferior to Star Illuminates the Blue Sky, it was a good quirk.

Xing Hao: Eh? Why is his Quirk the same as mine?

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