Almighty – Ch. 267

Another Type of Battle

Yang Tian took in a deep breath to ease his tension. His divine soul was relatively dull after so much expenditure.  After failing at the very step last time, he made sure to be extra cautious this time around. He visualised the process numerous times the day before, memorising all of the details. If no hurdles cropped up, he was unlikely to fail. That was the beauty of the deduction and visualisation method.

Many high-grade pills cost a lot of herbs; the wealthy avoided concocting them wherever possible. Howbeit, through Yang Tian’s extinct method, the refiner could get an inkling of what to expect. Some people even prepared large amounts of treasures in hopes of exchanging them for the method.

Three contestants completed their pill after one night; however, the quality wasn’t high despite being close to a rank four pill. They didn’t have any hopes of cracking the top ten.  Approximately one hundred contestants, all of whom were lauded, remained. Those who left failed during their refinement or hurt their divine souls. Even so, they gained a lot from the experience, most importantly, to humble themselves.

A clang resulted in contestants jolting. The contestant who opened his furnace was between eighteen to nineteen years old. He was dressed in extravagant clothing and possessed a proud character. His pure-gold pill gradually levitated. Yang Tian looked away after realising it was a low-grade rank four pill since it wasn’t going to challenge him.

Tian Xin didn’t evaluate the alchemist so highly, smiling sarcastically and shaking his head. His antique black furnace glowed eerily. The black flames raining in rippled the void around it, indicating the scalding heat.

Lots of others made their move after the alchemist finished up. Half of the contestants opened their furnaces in a mere two hours after. Some alchemists were out of energy and barely hanging on by a thread. Lid after lid continued to come off.

When a crimson furnace burst open, the void turned crimson as though the void was lava. The owner of the furnace was the dignified Meng Kang, who was somewhat pale after performing hand seals non-stop. He had a shiny golden pill in front of him.

“Not bad. That’s close to a rank four!” praised Dan Zong. “It would be superior if he invested more time. He’s too hasty to show off.”

“Haha, you see through it all,” commented the elder with white hair.

Dan Zong was a rank seven alchemist and held a high status in the sect. He was able to compete against Outer First Elder.

An hour later, a burst of energy bent the void. Dan Zong widened his eyes. He knew a furnace was about to burst, which would, consequently, hurt others. Dan Zong quickly grabbed the air and sealed the berserk energy. Meanwhile, the owner of the furnace grimaced, wondering how come his furnace burst.

There was no time to be expressing sympathy. There were ten people remaining, none of whom could be underestimated. Their control was so perfect none of the contents leaked out of their furnace.

An alchemist in yellow opened his furnace a while later. Within the intense flames was a fire-red pill the size of an agate stone. Another alchemist opened his furnace right after him. The energy fluctuation was comparable to the alchemist before him. His pill was close to a rank four pill.

The arena was very quiet after they left.

Shangguan Hao’s smile was void of negativity or positivity. As if he detected the eyes on him, he glanced back at Dan Qu and smirked.

Qin Shi provoked Qin Zuying. Qin Zuying cackled.

Two more individuals opened their furnaces at the same time, illuminating the area above their furnace green. Judging from the aura and colour, Dan Zong laughed. “I’m surprised they’re both from Southern Divine Dynasty.”

Southern Divine Dynasty wielded more power than Pill Valley.

The clash of two auras bent the void. Following a clang sound, Dan Xueyi gave the two in front of her a smile. She flipped open her furnace’s lid, releasing a dark-blue pillar from within. Three auras clashed, trying to see whose pill was superior. It was just another way of competing, really.

Yang Tian had an urge to join the competition. Dan Chen looked over to him with a smile; he was eager to compete against Yang Tian. Dan Xiaoxiao swept her gaze over and smiled, revealing her dimples. Tian Xin remained frigid and sly. Everyone but him seemed to have chemistry; to be specific, they were just ignoring him. That, of course, didn’t sit well with him.

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