Almighty – Ch. 269

Divine Body

The bright sun and moon was only the size of a millstone. Even so, its pressure was attention grabbing.

Shangguan Hao’s aura suddenly intensified enough to crack a void. Watching Yang Tian and Dan Chen spurred his Fighting Spirit. He locked on to the two with his quirk.

Dan Chen’s golden flames were comparable to a moon that crushed the two. Yang Tian stayed calm as his dragon-shaped flame fired lightning bolts overhead.

Shangguan Hao made the first move, launching his crushing Sun, Moon, Mountain and River Quirk. Dan Chen stomped a crack in the earth. His golden glow had a three hundred metre radius. He blasted out two suns with heat that bent the void from his eyes. Above his two suns was a phantasmal bird nest invisible to the naked eye transmitting energy as violently as tidal waves.

Three energy sources clashed. Three pills rattled. Yang Tian’s pill was a notch superior, fortunately.

Tian Xin, who looked terrifyingly wicked, struck using True Fire. Nevertheless, he was irate since he hadn’t harmed Dan Xiaoxiao in any capacity. In front of her sparkly eyes was a sea of stars Tian Xin’s aura was unable to penetrate. A freaky, flickering black flame appeared in Tian Xin’s furnace. Yang Tian pulled his eyebrows together upon spotting the Flame Seed in Tian Xin’s hand. Despite them battling each other, none of them intentionally tried to harm the other. In essence, it was just a tug of war contest.

Tian Xin powered his Flame Seed, summoning a savage and menacing Mutated Beast in the air. The fiery beast charged toward Dan Xiaoxiao.

The young audience would’ve charged in and ripped Tian Xin apart had it not been for the formation barricade.

Yang Tian was sure Dan Xiaoxiao, who was unnerved and unmoving, was hiding a secret. Said prediction was reinforced because Pill Valley showed no signs of intervention, something even their disciples didn’t understand. Only the elder with white hair gave in to his anxiety and charged in.

“Don’t worry. Just sit back and watch. Heavenly Dao Alliance is stepping further and further over the line. This is a good chance to teach them a lesson.”

The white-haired elder had one last glance below and then stopped speaking after hearing the calm voice.

The beast coated in black flames fired a beam of black light from its mouth, burning the river of stars in the firmament. Then, it thrust its sharp claws toward Dan Xiaoxiao’s head.

Dan Xiaoxiao unleashed a mysterious energy. Her eyes changed. Sparks danced in the void. She went from cute to menacingly comparable to a fire phoenix. She was the owner of a divine body.

Yuan Xia never realised the girl who used to cling to her possessed a divine body.

Wan Teng, who was also the owner of a divine body, sensed Dan Xiaoxiao’s divine body nature thanks to his own.

Dan Chen and Shangguan Hao’s Flame Seeds in their body juddered a second time.

Dan Xiaoxiao was immersed in a divine glow that continued to heat up within the blink of an eye.

Yun’er’s body’s formation lit up, interrupting her ability to sense divine bodies off completely.She was confused as to why a powerful energy seemingly woke after something activated it. It felt as though the energy wanted to discharge from her body. She glanced over to Dan Xiaoxiao, wondering if that was the body type Yang Tian mentioned. she didn’t dare to keep thinking about it.

Divine bodies hadn’t been encountered in ages.

The black beast was so terrified it turned tail. Unfortunately for it, Dan Xiaoxiao shattered it in the void with her infinite energy. Tian Xin’s face instantly turned red as a ripe tomato as he sprayed a mouthful of blood into the air after suffering grievous wounds.

Divine bodies could destroy flames.

Yang Tian: Does she have a Zhurong body or a Fire God body?

Both body types were fire god bodies; both benefited alchemists.

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