Almighty – Ch. 266

Fierce Battle

The halberd the golden-winged dapeng wielded was mightier than the last time it drew blood. The violent aura could drive one to madness if their cultivation was relatively poor. The dapeng with golden eyes crushed the void as it appeared in front of the firmament’s big hand. Glowing Skyhand, qi and blood ferociously woke from their slumber to intercept the halberd.

Fur fluttering, it attacked upward, generating clangs. Skyhand slammed the halberd back down. The individual in the void just laughed nonchalantly. “If you were a mature divine bird, I’d be a tad afraid of you, but not with your current level.”

The dapeng extended its halberd and enlarged itself. An illusion comparable to the firmament appeared around the exterior of Pill City. The tremendous energy that could blast the world to smithereens shook the entire city.

Yang Tian suspected somebody attacked Pill City. He scanned the palace to see gloomy and startled disciples. One contestant had his furnace destroyed due to his moment of distraction. As such, he cursed, “Unlucky!”

“Law!” thought Yuan Xia, as she suddenly clenched her fist. She was unsure, though. Does anyone understand Law besides Desolate Domain and clans in seclusion?

A big rift formed in the firmament. The dapeng stomped the void apart as it went toward the opening in the void. The energy fluctuation from the void affected everyone and the firmament. Just the ability dispersion had low-level cultivators coughing blood, staggering and trembling. Some were struck by lightning. The exchange between two almighty beings generated booms, cracks and black holes and had the world trembling. The battle left Pill City’s vicinity and raged on, though there was residue energy active. The patriarch, who was shrouded in the golden mist, mustered up all of his strength to defend against the energy using the formations around.

The elders of Heavenly Dao Alliance smiled satirically, then left the formation’s side.

Pill Sect’s patriarch was concerned due to people rushing into the palace and a fair number of adepts leaving. He mumbled, “Why can’t I shake off this uneasy feeling?” The patriarch was afraid the dapeng would come back. That said, he did trust the mysterious Valley Elder he met for the first time. Regardless, it was better safe than sorry. He commanded, “Maintain the formations with everything you have.”

Young cultivators watching the people enter the palace were relieved to see adepts return. The turbulence didn’t affect the contest thanks to the formation protecting the venue that kept all the noise outside. Yang Tian did notice that people were still in shock, but he concluded nothing major happened and prayed nothing undesirable would happen. He sighed, then returned to refining.

Yang Tian finished melting his herb after so long. Pink mist coiled inside his Streaming Fire Pill Furnace. The liquid was clear. Divine markings descended to help him cleanse the liquid. The furnace looked as though it was about to burst.

The night gradually went by. The chaos in the primitive forest never stopped. The battle between Valley Elder and the dapeng lasted went on all night. New maps were in order; the scenery resembled the scene during the war against the devil race. Countless beasts died in the crossfire.  Stars fell from the sky. Rubble and ruins littered the domain. There was a river of blood. The frightening aura gradually vanished.

When the sun came up, Yang Tian was at the most important step. His dragon-shaped flames cleansed the pill, increasing the energy within.

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