Almighty – Ch. 258

Divine Soul Seal

It wasn’t that the elder standing dozens of metres from the fire column didn’t approach it but that it couldn’t approach him. Despite the heat breaking the void, neither the elder’s garments nor the quaint door inside the fire pillar took any damage.

Yang Tian ducked in response to the elder’s frown, wondering if the elder noticed him. He had no explanation if one of the overpowered elders caught him. A second later, Ancestral Dragon Ring led Yang Tian’s divine soul energy back. Therefore, the elder sensed the presence disappear during his moments of deliberation.

Inside the huge door was a fire domain. The void consisted of boundless layers of lava. The magical text on the ground was a giveaway that something was sealed underneath. At the end of the domain was a palace constructed from flames. The lively pentachromic flames around it were particularly interested in the flame breakers. When the flames swept through, they’d leap at them as if they were starved. Up above were the characters “Fire Ancestor”.

Yuan Xia, watching over Yang Tian using her divine soul energy from a plain bamboo house, lost her patience after monitoring him for four hours. “Yang Tian, why are you just standing around?”

Yang Tian glanced around and smiled when he didn’t see anyone. “Yuan Xia, is that you? I was just thinking.”

Yuan Xia, veil off, stomped over to the bed. “Nice acting.”

“Oi… Ah, shucks, the silent treatment, huh?”

When a thought struck Yang Tian, he entered Ancestral Dragon Ring and took out the nephrite cauldron. Thrilled, he applied a minimal amount of force, but the markings wouldn’t budge. Discontent, he increased his output. Alas, the cauldron wouldn’t comply.

“Is there a seal? … No wonder why Heavenly Dao Alliance was so generous.”

Yang Tian released his divine soul energy. The seal was no hassle for him if it was a divine soul seal. As soon as the two made contact, the cauldron shook. Wisps of black light escaped, gradually forming a humanoid divine soul. The divine soul explosively leapt back. Eyes red as the black mist thickened, the divine soul chuckled. “Kiddo, you think Heavenly Dao Alliance’s property is so easy to take?”

The individual in the void apparently didn’t notice the scenery around.

A monster over three hundred metres rose from the earth, shrouded in a black mist, and only its red eyes were visible. Sensing the unusually potent energy around, its eyes darted around. “Why are there ancient trees here?”

Though surprised, the monster remained collected. The monster performed a visual audit then shifted its gaze to the colourful herb field. “I didn’t think I’d find such a nice catch today.” When it looked to Xiaobai, it muttered, “Demonic energy? What sort of Mutated Beast is this? Is it the descendent of a Primordial Beast?”

If there was still a Primordial Beast around, its Bloodline probably degraded already.

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