Almighty – Ch. 245

Meeting Yuan Xia Again

Yuan Xia didn’t have many rank seven pills due to their value. She never imagined something so precious would be offered at the auction, or she would’ve insisted on purchasing it.

“Five pills!” Pill Dao Alliance never feared anyone. They prepared enough pills on their journey.

“Six pills!” Pill Valley’s First Elder was determined to get the pill even if he had to go all out.

Yang Tian presumed that his vitality water could restore the herb’s lifespan. It would be nice if he could let the kid act as his herb gardener. Plus, the herb would benefit his herb garden in more ways than one.

An elder: “Hahaha, how lively. This old one offers one yin yang revival pill… Would that happen to be sufficient?!”

Yin yang revival pills were4 a rank eight low-level divine pill capable of reviving one even if they were mincemeat – provided they still had a trace of life. Its main component was a rank eight yin yang revival flower. If the flower was old enough, it had the potential to develop into a divine herb.

Heavenly Dao Alliance had always been superior to Pill Dao Alliance. Pill Dao Alliance’s hopelessness stemmed from the fact that their group couldn’t afford many rank eight divine pills. Moreover, they never expected to see such an item at the auction.

The young man in white scowled. “Elders, what shall we do?”

Their goal was to partake in Pill Concoction Convention. It wasn’t worth getting physical for it. Thus, the elder heaved a heavy breath. “We’ll just have to let them have their way.”

Pill Valley possessed rank eight pill reserves; however, they needed something superior if they wanted to compete with yin yang revival pill. In consideration of the difficulty of concocting each pill and the lightning tribulation they needed to be subjected to, it wasn’t worth the loss.

The auction ended anti-climatically. They didn’t auction the last item and ended the event early, leaving some disappointed.

Once Yang Tian left the auction, a maid led him to the item appraisal room. The second he calmed down, he was on fire again because tomorrow was the beginning of the convention. He could ascend to Soul Tempering Realm with the pill refinement pill.

Ten minutes after entering the appraisal room, the elder came over, chuckling. The elder’s profits increased substantially due to the interference during the premium-grade bloodstones auction. Yang Tian’s mouth twitched when he saw the elder’s squint for the reason that he had a hunch his fees would be quite significant.

“Haha, sorry for the long wait.” The elder sat down “That was quite the surprise. You managed to benefit from it.”

Yang Tian: Still nothing compared to what you’re pocketing…

The elder tossed Yang Tian an interspatial ring. “This is what you wanted. See for yourself.”

Yang Tian inspected the contents with his divine soul energy, then nodded. “How much are the fees?”

“Hahaha, that was quite the show. You sold me premium-grade bloodstones, so I would say we are acquaintances. I shall give you a discount. Just give me five hundred thousand mid-grade bloodstones. “

The elder’s smile was repulsive. Still, Yang Tian paid the fee, albeit feeling as though he was buying himself out of danger.

The elder, who had traces of dry blood on his shoulder, appeared in the room not long after Yang Tian left. He looked surprised when he scanned Yang Tian’s location. He had a suspicion Yang Tian used an advanced concealment skill. He already looked into Yang Tian from the moment the latter arrived at the city to when the auction began. “Interesting. Who can afford so many premium-grade bloodstones at once? Meng Clan was also the one to auction them.”

He participated in the auction on his own and spent a lot of premium-grade bloodstones, which was intriguing.

The convention was held within the city tomorrow. The so-called Fire Domain was sealed inside Pill Valley.

On his way to the inn, Yang Tian encountered a familiar face. Her beauty drew attention despite her covering her face – courtesy of her body. He went to speak but stopped himself. Using his divine soul energy, he communicated, “Yuan Xia, I’m Yang Tian.”

Yuan Xia stopped in her tracks before resuming. Yang Tian followed closely behind. Once they arrived at a remote location, she inquired, “What are you here for?”

“Me? Haha, I came to join the Pill Concoction Convention. By the way, why are you here?”

“You know how to concoct pills?”

“Of course. I came to take part in a pill concoction convention.”

Yuan Xia wanted to know what her clan’s relationship with Yang Clan’s was, but she didn’t dare to bring it up with her clan as Yang Tian would probably be troubled if her clan found out his Bloodline resonated with hers. On an intuitive level, she had an intimate feeling between her and him when she looked at his friendly smile.

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