Almighty – Ch. 198

Nine Palaces Formation

In response to Yang Tian’s warning and caring gaze, Yun’er lowered her head and dimpled. “Hehe, I won’t. I’ll be staying here with Sister Yunxi, so don’t worry… Brother Yang, how long do you plan to stay here?”

A hint of emotion surfaced in Yang Tian’s eyes. He pressed his palms together. “Not for too long. A few months at most. I have some business to take care of.”

Yun’er caught the change in Yang Tian’s facial expression. “Are you going to seek vengeance?”

“I’m not that silly. Haha, I’ve opened the jade slip. It’s a Mid-Grade Star Rank Martial Technique: Overthrowing Heaven Seal.”

“I’ve refined the sealed and hidden item. That’ll reinforce her seal. She just needs to wear it on her arm,” informed Yang Xiao, teasingly.

Before Yang Tian could react, Yang Xiao delivered the jadeite bangle that lit up the dim room.

Yun’er watched the river of light circle around her. “Wow, it’s so pretty.”

The bangle gradually dimmed down, revealing nine clear, glimmering jadeite pearls. There was a mystic aura about it, thereby resembling stars in the sky.

Yang Tian realised the potent energy inside was from a refined premium-grade bloodstone encapsulated in a premium-grade jade.

“It’s beautiful, Brother Yang. Who does it belong to?”

Yang Tian forced an awkward smile. “This can hide your physique’s quality. Wear it on, and see for yourself.”

Yun’er swiftly picked up the bracelet. Her reaction reminded Yang Tian of somebody trying to snatch something up before someone else could. She cheerfully wore on the jadeite bracelet. A jadeite glow illuminated the room again. The green colour solidified, while a force wrapped itself around Yun’er. She felt the energy conceal her power. Once it was done, the bangle returned to being a normal bangle.

“The nine string bead is a Nine Palaces Formation. It’s as much of a concealment formation as it is an offensive formation. It’s main function it barricading its target from divine soul energies.”

Yun’er ran her finger over the bracelet. She was all smiles as she looked up at Yang Tian. “Brother Yang Tian, does it look nice?”

“Mm, it does…” In his mind, Yang Tian griped about Yang Xiao choosing a bracelet of all things, not to mention the grand event he put on.


“Honest. I wouldn’t lie to you, ahaha.”

“Thank you, Brother Yang,” cheerfully replied Yun’er, touching it up with a smile and nod. “I forgot about this. Here are some star pills I don’t need. Take them.”

Yang Tian went to reject the gift, but Yun’er took off before he could. He smiled helplessly as he looked at the ring in his hand.

Yang Tian stood at the door with his hands behind his back and gaze on the stars. He sighed, then headed into the room. He took out the ring Yun’er gave him once he was seated on his bed. He smiled when he smelt the scent from it. There were approximately three hundred thousand pills inside the interspatial ring. That implied Yun’er never consumed them. He probably had enough to spare after condensing a second star.

Yang Tian explored Ancestral Dragon Ring and consumed five pills. His body began to glow star light. Once he felt the star energy, he shut his eyes and commanded Dubhe Star to absorb the star energy circulating around his body, consequently increasing its rate of growth by dozens of folds. Very little star energy entered his body, meaning the tempering results would be equally minimal in spite of it producing positive results. In other words, his physical body reached its limit.

Yang Tian spent the next few days cultivating then resting, rinse and repeat. He took out two hundred thousand ancient pills of the three hundred thousand he had remaining with the intention of selling them because they were practically useless to him.

The price they fetched exceeded his expectations. One of them was worth roughly one hundred mid-grade bloodstones. Meng Clan bought the majority of them. He earned more than four million mid-grade bloodstones from the sale. As for the Golden Dragon Seal, Meng Yunxi didn’t dare to take it since it would cause her trouble if somebody found out it was in her possession. Moreover, not only would Yang Tian be in a precarious situation, but Yun’er would have people out for her head, as well.

Every bloodsoul flower required approximately twenty thousand bloodstones. Yang Tian spent the majority of his bloodstones on buying bloodsoul flowers and a mountain of Rank Three herbs, eventually purchasing all of the company’s bloodsoul flowers. He reserved a sum and, therefore, was short a few herbs.

Yang Tian only went out once besides the time he went out to gather information on Yang Ba.

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