Almighty – Ch. 197

Overthrowing Heaven Seal!

Yang Xiao knew Yang Tian’s tenacity well. If the seal could evoke that much pain, the seal had to be something else.

Yang Tian dropped onto the ground He forced himself to get to his feet and sit cross-legged with Yang Xiao pestering him. Then, he dove into his sea of consciousness, which was bright golden. Golden characters exuding overwhelming energy were the source of the golden light.

The “conquer” characters in Yang Tian’s body came from an Inheritance. If the golden characters could manifest inside him, then they had to be special. He honed in on the golden characters.  “Earthquake Seal, Overthrowing Heaven Seal and Annihilation Seal are the culmination of this old one’s entire life’s dedication. This seal is Overthrowing Heaven Seal, a Mid-Tier Star Rank Martial Technique. One who masters it can overthrow the heavens. By combining two seals, one will have a High-Tier Star Rank Martial Technique!”

Knowing that the first two seals could be combined for one awesome boost, Yang Tian took a wild guess as he scratched his head. “If the second technique is a Mid-Tier Star Rank Martial Technique that can be used in conjunction with Earthquake Seal, I wonder what rank the third technique, Annihilation Seal, is. It could be a Celestial Rank for all I know”

Yang Tian read through the introduction of Overthrowing Heaven Seal. Overthrowing Heavens Seal was a technique that overpowered its foes through sheer brute force. It bore a striking resemblance to Earthquake Seal, though the energy expenditure was enormous in comparison. The higher rank a Martial Technique was, the more powerful it was – in exchange for more energy, of course. Yang Tian used half of his energy each time he used Earthquake Seal, bearing in mind that his qi and blood was incredibly potent, qihai was one-third larger than the normal human being and Heavens Conqueror Manual storing over a dozen times more than the amount of qi and blood of normal cultivation methods. Anyone else of similar level in terms of cultivation would be limp on the ground after one usage.

Yang Tian spent a day in silence inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. Yang Xiao went over to him when he opened his eyes. “What Martial Technique is it?”

Yang Tian smiled. “Mid-Tier Star Rank Martial Technique, Overthrowing Heavens Seal!”

“Well, its rank is decent. Master Overthrowing Heavens Seal first. The big sects know what’s in your bag of tricks now, so reserve this as your backup.”


Yang Tian didn’t know where Yang Ba was. If he rendezvoused with the latter, he’d reveal his identity and attracted a vengeful mob.

“While you’re practicing the technique, prepare some more herbs. You have a year to focus on pill concoction, which is plenty of time to reach Rank Four as an alchemist. Then, prepare to test your mettle at Pill Concoction Convention.”

Yang Tian’s divine soul was almost at Mid-Grade Forging Strength. If he broke through, he could reach Soul Tempering Realm. “Uncle Xiao, when can I break through to the next realm?”

“Don’t be hasty. I researched a healing pill not long ago. I need a Rank Five herb for the main ingredient – bloodsoul flower. Ask the lass to help you find them. We’ll refine as many as we can. Destructive Divine Lightning isn’t fun and games. One transcendence pill isn’t remotely enough.”

Yang Xiao was worried about what Yuan Xia said concerning Yang Tian summoning Destructive Divine Lightning since he didn’t know what happened during the ancient era. He didn’t believe her. Still, he didn’t want to risk just brushing it off, either. Destructive Divine Lightning was used to punish unforgivable evildoers in ancient times who practiced unorthodox cultivation methods. If hardly any survived it in ancient times, Yang Tian didn’t have a chance of surviving.

“All right.”

Yang Tian shivered when he recalled the two lightning tribulations he partook in. He would already be history if he didn’t have his bloodline’s power and Ancestral Dragon Ring bolstering his abilities.

Yang Tian realised he had a financial issue. He only had one Dao Weapon. Green Dragon Seal was for Yang Xiao. He pondered if Myriad Auction Company would buy Golden Dragon Seal from him.

Yang Tian returned to his physical body and took in the night view he never saw before. He summoned a bright star behind him, lighting up the room. When he gazed at the starry sky, the sun and moons’ apparitions appeared, albeit only for a split second.

Yang Tian ran through the quirk condensation method in his mind, then let Dubhe Star beam lights, drawing the energy of the stars toward it. The stars shone onto Dubhe Star. Soon, Dubhe Star began to release wisps of star light onto the floating star light. The refinement process was excruciatingly slow. Star Illuminates the Blue Sky quirk needed a lot of star energy to activate Merak Star.

After putting up with it for a while, Yang Tian shook his head, deeming it unacceptably slow. It would take an awfully long time to condense a second star’s power at that rate. He was also running short on star pills. As a result, he needed to develop more. In fact, he might’ve seen faster results with herbs. Suddenly, he heard noises on the other side of the door. He got off the bed and headed over.

When Yang Tian noticed the door being opened by someone with a beautiful silhouette, he smiled but quickly wiped his it off his face. He tried his best not to smile again. For the record, he smiled because of her Nine Yin Divine Physique. Voice gentle, he queried, “Yun’er, why are still not asleep?”

“Oh, I…” Yun’er quietly asked, “Brother Yang, did you just summon a star quirk?”

“How do you know?” Yang Tian was startled since there was a formation set up outside the room. It wasn’t a high-tier formation, but it was enough to prevent Divine Souls from peeking.

Yang Tian’s surprise earned a pout from Yun’er. “Did you forget Yun’er is a formation specialist?”

“Oh, that’s right, you received lessons from Formation Sect, haha.”

“Hehe, you know, I was actually the one who set up the formation outside, so…”

Yang Tian supinated his hands to indicate his hopelessness. “Has anyone ever set a formation in your body?”

“Yes… How did you know?”

Nobody, including her fellow sect members, knew about the seal Yun’er’s shifu sealed, yet Yang Tian saw it – incredible!

“I don’t think she knows about her physique’s quality…” thought Yang Tian, judging from Yun’er’s expression. “… Yun’er, your physique is rather special. If people find out, it’ll be troublesome for you. You should return to your sect as soon as feasible.”

“Return…?” Yun’er grumbled, “It was hard enough to leave; I’m not going back.”

“Well, that’s fine if it’s what you want. Don’t leave this place, though. If I could see the seal, others can, as well.”

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