Almighty – Ch. 196

Nine Yin Divine Physique!

As night fell, the stars and moon came out, blessing the dark room with their translucent light.

Yang Tian saw Yun’er in a positive light. That was precisely why he didn’t want to be invested in romantic relationships whilst still pursuing a vengeance. He wasn’t ready to gamble with his life.

The room with flickering flames fell into a silence that was pleasant. Yang Tian, however, was unsettled when he remembered Yang Xiao’s suggestion to marry Yun’er. He questioned if Yang Xiao was really that eager.

Yun’er brushed her hair aside. “Brother Yang, I found a jade slip back home some time ago. Its energy is notably similar to Earthquake Seal. Yun’er can’t open it, sadly. How about you try?”

Yun’er took out a pure gold jade slip. Its energy immediately seeped into the room. The golden colour gave off an odd vibe.


Yang Tian pondered if Yun’er’s jade slip was the second seal since Earthquake Seal – the Star Rank Martial Technique – on its own was a fragment.

“This jade slip has been with my clan for decades, but nobody ever opened it. Perhaps you can, Brother Yang.”

Yang Tian took the jade slip and slipped his divine soul energy inside, only to be deflected back out. He tried again and again to no avail. There was an energy barrier blocking forbidding trespassers. Thus, it was impossible to read the memories sealed inside.

“Hehe, Brother Yang, my father spent a long time studying the jade slip but never managed to view the contents. Divine soul energy is of no use.”

“Indeed. There’s some sort of seal in place.”

“Perhaps the key lies with Earthquake Seal.” Realising it was dark when she glanced out the window, Yun’er hesitated but decided to bid farewell and leave.

“Earthquake Seal…” Yang Tian passed the jade slip to Yang Xiao. “Uncle Xiao, how do I open this jade slip?”

Yang Xiao laughed without looking at the jade slip when he took it. “She’s not bad. Make sure to be quick. I can tell she likes you. Don’t let the chance slip between your fingers.”

“Ugh…” Yang Tian confused as to why Yang Xiao was so serious about it.

“What? You not satisfied she’s the owner of a Nine Yin Divine Physique?! Nine Yin Divine Physique not good enough for you?”

Nine Yin Divine Physique was one of the greatest Divine Physiques one could have in the world of cultivation. Should one be able to activate said physique, not only would their prowess gain an absurd boost, but their Divine Body’s ability would, too. The body type was the best type for dual cultivation, cultivation under a blanket, the dream body of every man. The physique was a blessing as much as it was a curse. If adepts on the continent found out, not even Thundercloud Sect would be able to protect her against everyone’s kidnapping attempts. If Yun’er’s sect knew of her physique’s quality, they wouldn’t let her sneak out so early, not to mention going to Martial Arts Mountain.

“Are you serious, Uncle Xiao? Will others be able to tell?”

“Hard to say. Someone has set up a seal in her body, and it will remain sealed unless someone who knows Nine Yin Divine Skill removes the seal. The only other alternative scenario is she grows stronger than the person who set the seal, allowing her to activate her Nine Yin Divine Physique.”

Yang Tian muttered under his breath, “Somebody placed a seal? Would it be her shifu?”

Hopeless, Yang Tian sighed. “I really wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse for her…”

“Don’t worry too much. I only heard of that body type once back in my days, let alone now. I doubt many people can discern that, including the older freaks,” stated Yang Xiao, adding a teasing undertone.

Yang Tian was cognizant of what Yang Xiao was thinking. He couldn’t deny his cultivation would soar through the roof overnight, literally, if he fused with her.

“Is there a way to fortify the seal?”

“Mm, okay, okay, I’ll help just this once. I just don’t want someone to have his heart in pieces when someone else finds out about it.”

“Well…” Yang Tian shrugged.

Yang Xiao explored the jade slip using his divine soul energy. Smiling, he proposed, “The method used to maintain this jade slip is unusual. See if you can open it with Earthquake Seal.”

Yang Tian returned to reality from his thoughts. “I hope it works.”

Yang Tian summoned his qi and blood whilst performing finger seals. He sent wisps of crimson glows into the void. The gold jade slip began to tremble and release its energy. He then shoved more energy into the jade slip, filling it until it cracked. After taking in a deep breath, he palmed his small crimson seal at the jade slip.

When the two jade slips came into contact, the energy within them burst. A golden wisp of light entered Yang Tian’s forehead. He would never believe Yun’er would harm him. The golden wisp lit his brain up the same colour. His head painfully swelled. His body felt as if it melted.

Rows of golden text rushed into Yang Tian’s sea of consciousness. He scowled owing to the pain that induced an urge to bang his head on a stone wall. When it calmed down, the headaches went away. He convulsed as he sweated. He smiled when he managed to bear through the pain of the memory trying to rip his brain apart.

What the hell was that?

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