Almighty – Ch. 179

Cloud and Mother Essence

“Uncle Xiao, there is a secret art recorded inside; however, it’s delusional. It talks about fusing quirks to form Macrocosmic Star Scroll!”

“Say what?!”

Besides being unrealistic, the art was incomplete.

“What is the matter?”

Yang Xiao knew monsters in ancient times successfully achieved the feat, which was why he asked, “What does it say?”

“Well… it advises I summon lots of quirks and form Chaos using Star as the quirk’s appearance’s foundation, everything in the world as its environmental foundation. It is described very vaguely, however. It does not go into detail…”

“I see. How unfortunate…”

Chaos Universe quirk was reliant on Star quirk. Epochs ago, Chaos Universe was called the best quirk.

“Uncle Xiao, is it good?”

“That’s obvious…” Yang Xiao proceeded to tell Yang Tian about the monster who had eight types of quirks back in the day. Unfortunately, he was forced to form a new quirk, earning him the title “Fiend of an Era”.  “… Once you reach Transcendent Realm, we can discuss it again. If destiny decides you can have it, then maybe you’ll succeed.”

Yang Xiao ran his hand through the air, summoning thumb-sized stones to his hand. There were silver spots, which represented stars, on the stones.

“Uncle Xiao, what divine material is that?’

“It’s called Cloud and Star Mother Essence. It’s not available anywhere on the Eastern Continent for it’s an aerolite outside humanity’s realm. It’s exceptionally sturdy and able to activate the energy in stars. By using this with a half-bloodthirsty devil crystal, you can refine a small item at an expedited rate. Haha, don’t get your hopes up too soon. You think divine materials are easy to melt? Cloud and star mother essence and bloodthirsty demon crystal are extremely robust.”

“Hehe, I have plenty of time.”

Yang Tian took out a bloodthirsty devil stone. The two divine materials tried to outshine each other. Primordial era clans would struggle to find one, if even that. Items forged from divine materials would eventually evolve into Celestial Weapons. Should one be fortunate enough, it could evolve into a divine item.

Yang Tian blew out a belly full of pristine qi and blood three times. Whilst observing the qi and blood in the void, he released his divine soul energy. “Fuse!”

The qi and blood grew into a thirty-three metre crimson cauldron under the guidance of Yang Tian’s divine soul energy. Inside was boiling blood and flames. The head of the Mutated Beast was a dragon’s head that emitted a fiery glow. It had two crimson horns similar to a deer’s. Its body was coated in crimson scales and was enshrouded in crimson clouds. It was the legendary Qilin Divine Beast – an extolled beast that only served those who possessed unthinkable luck.

Yang Tian chucked the cloud and star mother essence into the furnace. “Divine materials really are out of this world. It’s already developed the intelligence to attack autonomously. Refine!”

The furnace quaked. The bloodflame suddenly extended dozens of metres up and penetrated the silver light shining down. Yang Tian exhaled a breath of qi and blood into the furnace. The flame inside the furnace shot up and unleashed a crimson qi and blood. Fighting spirit surged forth, and the entire cave estate turned crimson. The crimson clouds on the cauldron drifted up. The flame inside the furnace doubled in intensity and size. The cloud and star essence began to rumble as the flames enveloped it. Still, the silver light stood powerful. He heaved out another breath. The qi and blood potency dropped drastically. The flame inside the furnace was dozens of metres tall. The Qilin beast took a step out, powering up the furnace further.

The material was going to take ten-odd days to melt.

Yang Tian consumed a premium-grade bloodstone to replenish his qi and blood stores.

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