Almighty – Ch. 178

Star Scroll

Dubhe Star floated up into the void. Stars nourished Dubhe Star shining down its silver light. The light moved along the earth.

“That’s Star Illuminates the Blue Sky quirk. It’s amazing it can manifest after its initial formation. If he could form Wind Invades the Nine Heavens, Star Illuminates the Blue Sky, Lightning Illuminates the World and Sun in the Sky quirks, would he be able to manifest Chaos quirk?” muttered Yang Xiao. Chaos quirk was a short-lived quirk that he’d ever seen before.  “He could form a phantasmal form of Sun in the Sky quirk. That said, these quirks aren’t enough. This is troublesome now…”

The star restrained the sky. Yang Tian stood with his hands behind his back as he peered at the light red palace before him.  He epically manifested Star quirk, his new ace, with a vocal command.  Dubhe Star crushed a corner of the robust palace as if a wave hit it, exciting Yang Tian. “Damn, it’s powerful.”

“Hahaha, the quirk is an offensive quirk to begin with. This is nothing worth being surprised about. You won’t be able to use it many times at your current level, though.”

“Hehe.” By the time Yang Tian blinked, Star Quirk behind him had vanished.

Yang Xiao waved his hand, summoning Broken Sword to his hand. “Try it. See if you can hold it.”

“All right.”

Yang Tian sat on the ground and examined the Celestial Weapon. He then released his fighting aura into the sword. The dull ancient sword finally shimmered as a sharp edge should. He also noted that he imbued it markedly faster than before. “It does absorb, huh? I guess it needs fighting aura to activate.”

Very soon, Broken Sword glowed crimson and vibrated. As Yang Tian continued to imbue it with more qi and blood, it powered up until immense pressure built up in the void. The sword emitted a strange sound.

Noticing Yang Tian’s condition, Yang Xiao stated, “Stop. You can’t activate it at the moment. It requires more energy to activate.”

Yang Tian let out a sigh of relief.

“Have a break; prepare to refine a weapon in a bit.” Yang Xiao teleported.

“I suppose it’s time I get myself my own weapon now.” Yang Tian redirected his focus to cultivating.

Yang Xiao taught Yang Tian a rare weapon forging style over the last two years – Furnace Technique.

Yang Tian didn’t know what Yang Xiao referred to when he mentioned the material inferior to bloodthirsty devil crystals. Nevertheless, Yang Xiao informed him it was linked to his Star quirk.

Yang Tian cultivated inside Ancestral Dragon Ring for a while. Once his essence, energy and qi peaked, he opened his eyes. Since he had formed Star quirk, he reasoned he should’ve been able to access the jade slip from Star Sect. Subsequently, he went through his pile of jade slips until he found the silver jade slip, wondering what Star Sect had when Pill Mystics Sect had Flame Control Technique.

The starlight rushed into the jade. Yang Tian summoned his Dubhe Star quirk. The jade slip and Dubhe Star resonated with each other. A ray of star light shone down and caused the jade slip to vibrate more vigorously.

Some rare quirks from the ancient era contained special cultivation methods. Macrocosmic Star Scroll’s cultivation was always a mystery. Every cultivation method was a secret technique formulated through the research of countless generations.

While Yang Tian spaced out, an ocean of memories burst from his mind, leading to him having a need to shut his eyes.

Dubhe, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar and Alkaid were the seven stars of interest. To form Macrocosmic Star Scroll, one needed to find divine materials and refine them together with the seven stars. After countless generations of cultivation, there was a deficiency of divine materials unlike in the ancient era on the continent, unfortunately.

“What did you get?”

“Macrocosmic Star Scroll’s creation method and the quirk’s cultivation method,” replied Yang Tian. “… Uncle Xiao, should I still forge it or not?”

“Absolutely. I never heard of an item that could be smelted together with a quirk. Whoever came up with the method is a master alchemist for sure.”

“But what about the seven divine it-”

“You’ve only formed Dubhe Star, so take your time with searching for divine materials.”


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