Almighty – Ch. 161

Handsome Gift

Li Qingxue thrust a wave of qi out with a simple finger thrust. The heavy blast left marks on the region of fire Yang Tian just constructed, yet Yang Tian didn’t move. Instead, he propped himself in a cross-legged sitting position and released crimson qi and blood. As his hair danced, he powered up Golden Crow Divine Furnace. The flame within poured down to reinforce the region of fire and erase the marks Li Qingxue created.

Yang Tian consumed a star pill. He blew a breath of qi and blood into the furnace then shouted. Golden Crow Divine Furnace’s flame grew.

The three-legged golden crow’s ancestor was an unparalleled demon and god possessing unequalled cultivation. The crow marking was left behind from ancient times. If Yang Tian could fully awaken it, it would be able to rival a Peak Dao Weapon.

Yang Tian’s fire region fired flames. The divine light shot through the clouds, wobbling the sealed void.

Li Qingxue’s binding was close to 80% of its maximum power, yet Yang Tian was still able to break free. She chuckled to herself as she believed Yang Tian wouldn’t be able to keep up his bravado for long. She then slammed a powerful palm that parted the flames, down toward Yang Tian’s head.

Golden Crow Divine Furnace rattled. Yang Tian glanced over to Yuan Xia because he sensed her energy fading. He dove into Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Uncle Xiao, what do I do?”

Yang Xiao stopped to think for a moment. “I studied the terrain here for the last few days. My cave should be close from here.”

“You mean that it can save us?”

“Correct. When I set up my formation, I set up a big transportation formation. If it’s close by, you won’t need to fear them.”

“We will need to bet on it, then.”

“If you can’t hang in there, break through.”

“Summoning a lightning tribulation is a good idea.”

Li Qingxue’s palm came down. Golden Crow Divine Furnace cried. Yang Tian’s qi and blood roiled.

“Open!” commanded Yang Tian. Golden Crow Divine Furnace’s lid popped off and beamed a crimson light as it spat out heat waves.

“Yang Tian, you’re dead!”

Upon seeing the shouter with flayed skin, Gu Yun stuttered, “G-Gu Mo?!”

Gu Mo was delighted to see Gu Yun. “Third Grandpa, save me!”

“Elder, save me, I am Li Long!”

“Supreme Elder, hurry and kill Yang Tian!”

One after another, the bruised and battered individuals cried out. Their appearances were hideous.

Gu Yun: “Yang Tian, how dare you lock up Ancient Sacred Grounds’ disciples!”

Li Ying: “How dare you imprison our disciples!”

Wang Ling: “I suggest you release our people!”

Li Qingxue reached out to grab the people inside.

“Perfect timing!” Yang Tian grinned and then summoned his furnace before him. He brutally crushed Li Clan’s female disciple’s skull in the void.

Li Qingxue bristled with anger over the fact that Yang Tian killed a Li Clan disciple in her presence.

The girl might’ve been an ordinary disciple, but Li Ying couldn’t allow his dignity to be challenged. “This old one can’t even remember the last time someone dared to be so arrogant in his presence!”

Yang Tian picked Gu Mo up by the head. “Haha, if you dare try anything, I’ll crush Gu Mo’s skull this second.”

Watching his body burn in terror, Gu Mo trembled in dread. “Third Grandpa, save me…”

“Release Gu Mo, and I’ll spare your life.”

“I could.” Yang Tian looked up and smiled at Yuan Xia. “Thanks for helping me today. You should leave now. I have my own way of dealing with this. We might meet again in the future.”

Everyone had a knee-jerk reaction.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Yuan Xia inflated her cheeks a little. “I don’t need you to tell me what to do. Mind your own business.”

“This is my business. What do you want to be involved for, woman? Run along now.”

Yuan Xia didn’t know how to respond to Yang Tian. She couldn’t even remember the last time somebody spoke to her in that tone.

“Yang Tian, I don’t care what your goal is, but you have no business telling me what to do.”

Yang Tian: Silly woman.

Yang Tian smirked and crushed Gu Mo’s arm.

“Yang Tian!” cried Gu Mo, scowling.

Yang Tian grabbed Gu Mo’s other arm. “I love tough people most.”

“Yang Tian, stop!” demanded Gu Yun, as he charged over to Yang Tian.

“Get back!” Coincidentally, Yuan Xia happened to be irate and needed to vent. She slammed a gigantic down to force Gu Yun back.

“I’ll maul you!” cursed Gu Mo.

Yang Tian snickered and reached down lower on Gu Mo’s body.

“What do you want…?”

Yang Tian grinned. “Tell everyone about your story with your aunt. Come on, we have a crowd here, and everyone is keen, right?’

Gu Mo shook his head upon seeing Gu Yun’s serious look.

“I can give you a pass at the cost of your manhood.”

“No… Don’t do this…”

“Time’s up. Your execution must begin. Learn how to be a woman from now.”

Just as Yang Tian tightened his hold, Gu Mo frantically nodded. “Okay, okay, okay…”

Gu Yun: “Don’t you dar-”

Gu Mo: “She was the one who seduced me… It wasn’t my fault… She wanted to get back at my mother… She’s also the one who gave me her undergarment.”

Gu Mo’s father was Gu Daozong, a man considered handsome on the Eastern Continent. He went to the central state some time ago. The question, then, was, does Gu Lingyun have some sort of special relationship with Gu Daozong?

Gu Yun looked deathly pale, yet his eyes were red. “If anyone can capture Yang Tian for me, I shall gift him a Peak Dao item and ensure his clan has nothing to worry about for the next thousand years!”

Who’d go picking a fight with three Almighty adepts and a mysterious girl? Some, of course, gave in to their urge.

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